How to watch Infinity Train Book 4

A screencap from Infinity Train Book 4 on HBO Max.
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Infinity Train holds a special place in the heart of animation fans. Born in 2016 on YouTube before being picked up by Cartoon Network, the series finds an infinite train (thus the name) traveling through a fantastical world. 

It's an emotional (but fun!) series. And Book 4 (aka Season 4) is now upon us. It focuses on best friends Ryan and Min-Gi. They're best friends from Canada who want to become musicians in 1986. (Which, as those of us old enough can remember, was an excellent time to be in that business.) It's a prequel ot the other seasons and finds the friends' relationship under a good bit of stress. The former has a distinct fear of the future. The latter is brash as hell. But they're going to need each other to get through this.

And to watch Infinity Train Book 4, you're going to need one specific streaming service.

How to watch Infinity Train Book 4

After debuting on YouTube and then hopping to Cartoon Network, Infinity Train has found its new home on HBO Max, which is where you can now watch Book 4.

The previous three installments are there as well. They're also available on other streaming services, like iTunes or Google Play. But so long as you're hopping on board the HBO Max train, you might as well use it to watch the other three books and not pay extra.

HBO Max is the nearly year-old streaming service from Warner Media that includes not just legacy HBO content, but also shows and movies from under the greater Warner Media umbrella. That includes sources like the aforementioned Cartoon Network, as well as the Turner stable of networks, like TBS, TNT, and TCM, for starters.

There's also a great stable of new originals on HBO Max, including series like Raised By Wolves, Made for Love, Wahl Street, The Nevers, and more. HBO Max also is seeing same-day release of all of 2021's Warner Bros. movies. To date that's meant Zack Snyder's Justice League, Godzilla vs. Kong, Judas and the Black Messiah, and The Little Things.

HBO Max, like other iterations of HBO's streaming platform before it, costs $14.99 a month. (If you've got internet or mobile service with AT&T — which owns Warner Media — you might well get HBO Max for free.) HBO Max is available on every major streaming platform, which means you can watch HBO Max on Roku or HBO Max on Amazon Fire TV, which takes care of the world's two largest platforms.

HBO Max also is available on Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, various smart TV platforms, and in a web browser.

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