How to watch 'Promising Young Woman'

Carey Mulligan as Cassie in 'Promising Young Woman.'
Carey Mulligan as Cassie in 'Promising Young Woman.' (Image credit: Focus Features)

We've been gushing about Promising Young Woman for some time now. We've raved about it in our reviews, published several editorials about it, a good number of our critics had it in their Top 10s for 2020, and the film came in at #1 for our combined favorite films of the year. It's an exceptional, albeit controversial film, and it's finally coming to Video on Demand (VOD) on January 15th! 

The film has been available to watch in theaters, but given how many are closed in the United States and how inaccessible drive-ins can be, not a lot of folks have had the opportunity to check out Emerald Fennell’s exquisite rape revenge film.

Where Can I Stream 'Promising Young Woman'?

The film will be available on all major VOD platforms on January 15th. Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Fandango Now will probably be the most convenient choices, but Promising Young Woman will be available on Vudu, YouTube, and all the other major players. 

So far as cost goes, Focus Features hasn't announced exact price, but expect it to be on the higher-end for rentals given the circumstances and the buzz surrounding the film. Whatever the cost, it will be for a 48-hour rental period. 

When will 'Promising Young Woman' be available to own?

As of February 23rd, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that Promising Young Woman will be available to own digitally on March 2nd, 2021. If physical media is more your thing, you can purchase the film on Blu-ray and DVD on March 16th.

Not that we needed to sell physical media, but the Blu and DVD will both include a commentary track from Promising Young Woman's director, Emerald Fennell, as well as interviews with several cast members and other bonus features.

What's 'Promising Young Woman' About?

Don't worry if the film's slipped off your radar. The world is practically falling apart right now, so it's understandable that you've had some other things on your mind. Promising Young Woman follows Cassandra (Carey Mulligan). She's your run-of-the-mill college dropout. Her days are spent working at a small cafe, and her evenings are spent with her parents in their bubblegum pink home. That is, most of her evenings are spent that way.

Other times, Cassie gets gussied up, heads to a club or a bar, and pretends to be drunk until some creep decides to try and take advantage of her. On the surface, Promising Young Woman appears to be a prey-turned-predator vengeance flick about a woman reclaiming her power. While that'd be a great film in and of itself, this story goes a little bit deeper. Those are details better saved for a first watch, though. 

What Are Your Critics Saying About 'Promising Young Woman'?

In short? They're all gushing about it. This film might not end up being for everyone, but it has absolutely been for the What to Watch team: 

"I didn’t expect my favorites of the year to be unseated, but then Cassie (Carey Mulligan) trotted in wearing pastel shades and rocked my world." - Lindsay

"There was no film in 2020 that I spent more time trying to figure out my feelings on than Emerald Fennell’s fascinating take on the rape-revenge fantasy, Promising Young Woman." - Kayleigh

"The infuriating subject matter is juxtaposed against a cotton candy color palette used in shot after beautiful shot. If that’s not enough to pull you in, the soundtrack ain’t half bad either!" - Amelia 

"I would lay down my life for Carey Mulligan’s Cassie Thomas." - BJ

"Technically tremendous, narratively tenacious, and unmistakably intentioned whether you're ready or not." - Matt

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