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How to watch 'Wonder Woman 1984'

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984.
Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman 1984." (Image credit: Warner Bros.)

It's finally here. Wonder Woman 1984 is now available in theaters — and simultaneously available to watch at home. It's the second film of the Wonder Woman character for director Patty Jenkins and actor Gal Gadot, and it's the start of a new era for the film industry.

And that's not hyperbole. Yes, the Diana Prince/Wonder Woman character is as strong and important as it's ever been since the original 1975 series starring Linda Carter.

But it's also the first film to take the leap of a simultaneous release in theaters and on a streaming service. That in no small way is due to the global pandemic that decimated the theater industry in 2020. But it's also a big step in the right direction of letting consumers watch what they want, wherever they want.

So here's how to watch Wonder Woman 1984. And be sure to read our complete Wonder Woman 1984 review!

How to stream 'Wonder Woman 1984'

You can stream Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max starting at noon Eastern time on Christmas Day, Dec. 25. It's available as part of your regular HBO Max subscription, so there aren't any additional fees or premiums to pay. Just sign up for the service if you don't already have it, and get to watching.

HBO Max costs $14.99 a month — same as the legacy HBO service. But it has so much more. It's got the full breath of the Warner Bros. catalog. It's got all the Turner networks, including TBS, TNT and TCM. It's home to Studio Ghibli. It's home to the larger D.C. Universe (which also includes Wonder Woman.)

And that's just for starters. HBO Max also has a world of new originals, including the excellent thriller series The Flight Attendant, Raised by Wolves, and so much more.

Wonder Woman 1984 also marks the first time you'll be able to watch content on HBO Max in 4K resolution, and in high dynamic range. That includes the Dolby Vision standard (largely considered to be the better of the HDR standards) as well as HDR10. And if you sound system supports it, you'll be able to get audio in the Dolby Atmos format, which allows sounds to hang in three-dimensional space.

How to watch 'Wonder Woman 1984' on Roku

HBO Max is available on Roku, and that means you can easily watch Wonder Woman 1984 on Roku.

Just install the HBO Max channel from the Roku channel store (you can search for it on your device, or hit up the web page for the channel listing here.)

You can then either sign in with an existing HBO Max subscription, or get a new subscription right there and pay via your Roku account.

So long as your Roku device supports 4K resolution and HDR (we very much recommend the Roku Ultra as the best Roku), you'll be able to watch Wonder Woman 1984 in the best quality possible.

How to watch 'Wonder Woman 1984' on Amazon Fire TV

HBO Max is available on Amazon Fire TV as well. (Which is good, because it's the second-largest streaming platform in the United States, behind Roku.) And that means it's simple to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on Fire TV, too.

Just hit up the HBO Max app in the Amazon Appstore, and install.

Like before you've got the option to sign in with your existing HBO Max account, or create a new one and pay via your Amazon accounts which is nice and convenient.

If your Amazon Fire TV device supports 4K and HDR (we recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K for that), you'll be watching Wonder Woman 1984 in 4K and with HDR.

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