Where to buy a PlayStation 4

So you've finally broke down and decided that you want a PlayStation 4. With so many buying options it can be hard to decide which is not only the best deal, but which one is going to be at the better convenience for you? Well, my friend. Don't fret. I've got your back when it comes to this, so read below and let all your problems melt away.

Buying online and avoiding the hassle

Between Best Buy and Amazon the prices for a PlayStation 4 console are just about the same. Out of the two I would recommend buying your PS4 from Amazon and take advantage of that Amazon Prime membership that gets you 2-day shipping. This way you know you're paying the best prices and waiting the least amount of time for your packages to arrive!

You can find the PlayStation Pro for $399 or the PlayStation Slim for $298 . Not just that, but they also have a 4-year for $26.88 and 3-year protection plan for $15.61 for the Pro console. For the Slim console you can get a 4-year protection plan for $14.33!

Buying in store

If you'd much rather prefer going to pick up your console yourself you can always go to your local Walmart. Here you can find the PlayStation Slim for a cheaper price of $269 and the PlayStation Pro for $399 .

Protection plans are also offered here! For the Slim you can add a 3-Year protection for $28.00 or a 4-Year protection for $37.00. Then, for the Pro you can add s 3-Year protection for $39.00 Or a 4-Year protection for $53.00. Buying in person at a Walmart might seem cheaper, but after checking the rates for a protection plan the Walmart prices will actually cause your final price to be more than Amazon asks for.

Buying Refurbished at GameStop

Gamestop offers the PlayStation Pro for a slight discount as a refurbished console. Buying anything refurbished is not available online so you will have to find a GameStop near you . Be sure to not only check out the return policy but ask the sale rep to clarify it for you. At check out see what device protection plans your local GameStop offers and make sure to utilize it!

See PlayStation Pro at GameStop

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