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Awkward Sexy People | Two lovelorn nerds get a cool makeover. Was it a wise move?

Awkward Sexy People Adam Pally Sarah Burns
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Awkward Sexy People Adam Pally Sarah Burns

"Born to be mild"

Friends and co-workers at a Pennsylvania high school, lovelorn nerds Jeff (Adam Pally, The Mindy Project) and Anne (Sarah Burns, Big Little Lies) are so fed up with their lack of success at dating that they decide to reinvent themselves as cool people in Awkward Sexy People (aka Slow Learners), blind to the fact that their ideal match is already close at hand.

As this romantic comedy  goes through familiar paces there are a smattering of funny scenes, but watching this dorky pair turn themselves into a leather-jacket-wearing dude and wine-guzzling party girl is nowhere near as amusing as the filmmakers imagine and eventually begins to pall.

Certificate 15. Runtime 93 mins. Directors Don Argott, Sheena M Joyce

 Awkward Sexy People debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on 14 March and is available on DVD from Precision Pictures.