‘It’s going to be a complicated Christmas for Paige and Mark,’ reveals Neighbours’ Olympia Valance


Paige Smith is devastated to learn Mark Brennan’s been keeping secrets, Olympia Valance tells Soaplife…

Paige Smith faces heartbreak when she discovers that Mark Brennan has not been totally honest with her, reveals Olympia Valance

What’s the story?

Honesty should be at the heart of any relationship, so when Paige Smith discovers Mark Brennan hasn’t been truthful with her, she doesn’t know whether she’ll be able to forgive him. “He confesses to her that he protected Sonya Rebecchi after the Backpackers crash” Olympia Valance tells Soaplife. “She's heartbroken and can’t believe he did that for Sonya when he so humiliated her by arresting her on their wedding day!”

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Olympia Valance reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: Why does Mark make this confession to Paige?

Olympica Valance: “It’s kind of a result of what’s happened to Hamish Roche. He does it to make himself feel better, I think, and because he does want to be honest. But it’s so traumatic for Paige to learn this. It makes her question whether he’s ever loved her.”

S: Does he apologise for having her arrested?

OV: “Not straightaway, but he does say ‘Sorry’.”

S: Does Paige forgive him?

OV: “He has a lot of apologising to do, although he makes the fair point they’ve both changed a lot over the past year. Mark swears he’s learned from his mistakes. Paige is still hurt, but she knows where he’s coming from and she forgives him.”

S: But then Mark distances himself from her. Why?

OV: “It’s because Jack Callahan, baby Gabe’s dad, isn’t happy. He feels a bit like a third wheel because he’s Gabe’s father, yet Mark and Paige are like the parental unit.”

S: But it’s not just that, is it?

OV: “No. Mark’s involved in a lot of worrying stuff involving Hamish and Tyler Brennan, plus he’s going to get done for hiding evidence. Jack doesn’t want his son exposed to things like this and he’s not happy about Paige, as the mother of his son, being upset, either.”

S: So, Mark does as Jack requests?

OV: “Yes. He doesn’t want to embroil Paige and her little boy in stuff that has nothing to do with them, so he agrees to Jack that he’ll keep his distance until things are sorted out.”

S: Will they get back together?

OV: “It’s very complicated and, towards Christmas, it will become even more. I really don’t know what the future holds for them and, personally, I’m a bit torn. While I love Paige and Mark as a couple, it would be nice for Paige and Gabe to spend more time with Jack. Let’s wait and see.”

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