Neighbours' Chris Milligan: 'The wedding took 3 weeks to shoot, I was so over it!' (VIDEO)

It's been a rocky road to romance for Kyle and Georgia. But as the couple finally get hitched, we caught up with (opens in new tab)Neighbours star Chris Milligan for all the gossip about the Big Day, the return of Kyle's long-lost dad... and more!

Congratulations to Kyle and Georgia!

"Kyle is a little superstitious. There are a few bad omens that happen before the big day. But I think they wanted a happy wedding for once. So many soap weddings end with tragedy, death, explosions. So it’s really nice for a couple like Kyle and Georgia, who have been through so much together, to be happy."


Was this your first-ever telly wedding?

"Yes, it was. Pretty much all the cast were there for filming, which is very rare.  The wedding took about three weeks to shoot so by the end I was over it! 'I’m married now, can we not do this any more!' I had to keep putting my suit on and poor Saskia Hampele (Georgia) having to put that dress on every day. But a lot of work went into it, and the cast and crew put in 100 per cent. You can see how beautiful everything looks on screen."


What makes Kyle and Georgia such a good couple?

"I think they are very similar. They are definitely not opposites. They are both bubbly characters, they are open to life. They live their lives day by day so they click in that sense. They are such a nice couple and it just works."


What is married life going to be like for the new Mr and Mrs Canning?

"Married life will be good for a while. But then Kyle’s dad, Gary comes in which rocks the place. That is down to Georgia. She gets in contact with Gary while he is trying to get money off his mum, Sheila and asks him to go and see Kyle who has always wanted a relationship with his dad. He hasn’t been around since Kyle was eight, so it’s been 16 years. That brings some tension between Kyle and Georgia. Kyle doesn’t know how he feels about his dad being back. He’s a bit like, ‘Can you stay out of my business?’"


Kyle seems to attract long-lost relatives!

"It’s interesting. Kyle came in as an orphan character. And then he got two cousins, a gran, an auntie and now his dad. But it’s always good to see more of the Canning clan! There’s got to be more of them out there! I keep telling the producers to get them in. The more Cannings there are, the more fun it’s going to be!"

And let's not forget Bossy the dog!

"It is kind of true what they say, don’t work with children and animals. But I love working with Bossy. I keep telling her real-life owner, Sally, I want to take her home!"

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Watch our chat with Chris, above, as he dishes the dirt on his Neighbours co-stars and reveals whether he'll be the next Ramsay Street resident to head for Hollywood!

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