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Neighbours: ‘Jason won’t be coming back,' says dad Terence Donovan

Terence Donovan has said he doesn’t think his son Jason will reprise his role in Neighbours as he is too busy with his musical career.

The 71-year-old actor has returned as Doug Willis in the Channel 5 soap, 20 years after he left Ramsay Street in 1994. His son Jason made his name playing Scott Robinson in Neighbours, but left in 1989 and has become a successful pop singer and star of musicals, including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Terence said: “We’ve never really discussed it, but I don't think he would come back. Only because there’s really nothing for him to come back to.

“And he’s got so many other things boiling along with his career, that I don’t think he’d find the time to do it.

“It would be nice if he did but I don't think it's going to happen.”

Terence admitted he is loving being back himself.

“It feels pretty good,” he said. “It feels wonderful, in fact. It doesn’t happen very often to many people to come back after 20 years.”

Doug returns to help grandson Brad Willis, but ends up needing help himself as it emerges that he is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Terence has been working with an Alzheimer’s awareness charity in Australia and is proud that the storyline has helped people recognise the symptoms.

“Doug is in denial, but it’s his friends and the family who see something’s wrong. He doesn’t see it at first and is gradually coming to the realisation that something is amiss.”

– Press Association