Neighbours' Ryan Moloney: 'Sonya is the love of Toadie's life' (VIDEO)

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The Neighbours' storyline, which has seen Toadie's first wife Dee Bliss return from the dead, has TV viewers – and Ramsay Street - divided. Will Toadie fall back in love with his first love Dee and leave Sonya? Actor Ryan Moloney talks about Toadie's feelings…

We're all agog at the Neighbours' storyline which has seen Dee Bliss –Toadie Rebecchi's wife who was thought to have died on their wedding day back in 2003 – return to Erinsborough alive and well.

Although Dee's story of survival is controversial and has viewers – and the residents of Erinsborough – divided, at the crux of it all, the question remains: does Toadie's heart lie with Sonya… or Dee?

On one-hand, he is married to Sonya. They have a family together and though times have been tricky lately, they're a unit. But on the other, this is Dee, the former love of Toadie's life, whose wedding day clifftop death back in 2003 had Toadie dealing with the fact that he was not only a widower, but that he was responsible for Dee's death.

Actor Ryan Moloney, who is currently in London to discuss the shock storyline, won't say whether he's #TeamSonya or #TeamDee, a viral campaign that is doing the rounds, but he will say where he believes Toadie's heart lies.

"In my opinion it's Sonya. He's had a life with her. Children with her. He's experienced everything with her. Whereas with Dee, she was taken away from him very quickly. They were very young. Toadie and Sonya are older. His feelings of love for Sonya are probably deeper," asserted Ryan.

"As for #TeamSonya and #TeamDee, do people want me to take sides?" said Ryan. "I can't pick a side! Sonya is the mother to his child, Nell. They're currently married. Then there's Dee who he didn't get to experience life with. So, who can you choose?"

Whose side are you on? #TeamSonya or #TeamDee?


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