Ned and Brad attack jailbird Jacka in Neighbours

There's a fiery showdown in The Waterhole as rivals Ned and Jacka go head to head in Neighbours

Ever since discovering young Ned Willis was having an affair with his wife, Regan, Jacka has been intent on revenge in Neighbours.

With Jacka behind bars, Ned was safe, but with Jacka released, fists fly when the two men come face to face.

Ned is furious to see Jacka chatting up his girlfriend, Elly, in The Waterhole and lashes out. Is someone going to come to serious harm?


Ned can't contain his rage when he sees Jacka with Elly...

Elly's simmering when she hears that her boyfriend Ned has been out of town with his ex, Regan.

She heads to The Waterhole in search of distraction, where she ends up chatting to Jacka, who's fresh out of jail

When Ned, who's back in Erinsborough for Brad's stag night, turns up and sees the pair together, his blood boils

Jacka's smug goading tips Brad over the edge too and he lunges at Jacka

Ned wades in and attempts to punch Jacka and things soon get really nasty

Is anyone going to get seriously hurt? And how is Jacka going to take this latest spat? It seems his revenge plan against Ned is only just beginning... Brad's son had better watch his back as things are about to take a very sinister and dangerous turn. Find out what else Jacka has in store for Ned in Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday, October 3