Piper causes mayhem at the Erinsborough formal in Neighbours

All hell breaks loose at the long awaited Erinsborough formal when Piper Willis loses her temper and hurls a drink over a mystery woman!

It's the night of Erinsborough School Formal and everyone's excited, getting into their oufits, taking pictures and looking forward to the possibility of some romance.

Piper is super excited to be going to the bash with her hot date Tyler, but when Brad and Terese find the vlog she made him on her phone and later overhear her talking about her plans to 'go all the way' with Tyler they step in and ban her from going!

Piper is absolutely fuming. What's she going to do about it?

Meanwhile Xanthe, who's had a huge crush for ages on Ben, is hoping this will be their chance to finally get together.  Will her dreams her come true?

Plus there's a new face in Erinsborough when Susan's niece, Elly, shows up.


Piper ignores her parents ban and heads for the formal, but there's trouble brewing.



Meanwhile, Xanthe and Ben flirt together

It's clear these two are getting on.

However there's drama when Piper shows up and is furious to see Tyler chatting to a mystery woman.

Consumed by jealousy, Piper hurls a jug of drink over the woman while Sheila steps in.

But it's Xanthe who gets caught in the crossfire. The drink goes all over her expensive dress.

Xanthe's mortified - this is the $600 dress she has "borrowed" from the shop. How is she going to be able to return it now? Ben tries to comfort her.

He kindly gives Xanthe his jacket to wear, tells her everything will be fine and confesses just how much he likes her. Before you know it, the pair are kissing!

Meanwhile Brad is furious to hear about Piper's dreadful behaviour and marches her round to the Kennedys to apologise.

However she's stunned to learn the woman she threw her drink over is Susan's niece, Elly.

Piper manages to mumble a sheepish apology.



But she's mortified to learn that Elly is going to be her new English teacher at Erinsborough High. This is not a good start! Meanwhile, following her childish behaviour, she's been dumped by Tyler. Can things get any worse for Piper? Watch Neighbours on Channel 5 from Monday, July 18.