12 questions everyone's pondering about Thursday's Masterchef

Another day, another round of cooking challenges on BBC’s Masterchef. On Thursday food critic Jay Rayner made an appearance and set the amateur cooks a challenge to make a dish using just three ingredients, followed by a dessert that would remind us of childhood.

But, of course, the good people of Twitter had a few questions.

1. Firstly, why could (almost) no one stick to the three ingredients brief.

Rabbit, spinach & mushrooms. He's nailed the three ingredients only brief. Only one so far. #masterchef

— Andrew Stevenson (@the_a_stevenson) March 12, 2015


2. Why didn’t anyone think of this?

A dish with three ingredients? Easy. Weetabix, milk, sugar. #masterchef

— Scott (@Scott_Ruminates) March 12, 2015


3. With all that waiting your turn to bring your plate up, this is a question that’s been bothering all of us.

I'd love to know if the dishes on #masterchef are hot… Seems like alot of faffing to get it on the plate. Look good tho. #justwhackitout

— Katie Fenton (@katiefenton_) March 12, 2015


4. Is that bold moustache a health and safety issue?

If the hipster is going to stay can we at least make him take away the moustache tips? #Masterchef

— Deepa Mistry (@deepamstry) March 12, 2015


5. Have we seen Tony somewhere before?

Pretty sure the guy with the glasses and moustache used to play keyboards with The Hold Steady. #MasterChef

— Ginge Knievil (@GingeKnievil) March 12, 2015


6. And why is it impossible to dislike him?


— jen (@msjenmac) March 12, 2015


7. Is there something different about Greg?

#masterchef My wife wants to know if @GreggAWallace has dyed his eyebrows

— Nick Skinner (@nickski47) March 12, 2015


8. No? Something else? 

Is it me or has Gregg Wallace lost some weight recently? #Masterchef

— Dave Thompson (@shiteandonions) March 12, 2015


9. Besides, how does he balance his two very opposing jobs? 

How does greg Wallace cope with masterchef and weightwatchers ? #masterchef

— Rob Gilbert-Warsop (@robpw2) March 12, 2015


10. Why can’t the challenges be more like this?

Cooking doesn't get tougher than this! Can our Chef's make a pudding out of cement, a ouiji board & a coffin full of mittens? #masterchef

— Paul Litchfield (@MrPLitchfield) March 12, 2015


11. Is this the best put down ever?

@jayrayner1 "kind of late career Elvis" what a great description! #Masterchef

— Mrs Sming (@MrsSming) March 12, 2015


12. But most importantly…

Only a half hour episode of #masterchef tonight?? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE

— Lowri (@lowri_angharad_) March 12, 2015


Only half an hour of #Masterchef tonight?! What's that all about?!!!

— Adam Arnopp-Rees (@LADamar138) March 12, 2015


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