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Alex Rider on Amazon Prime Video - Cast, plot and everything you need to know

Alex Rider Otto Farrant
(Image credit: Des Willie/Eleventh Hour Films/Sony Pictures Television)

Amazon Prime Video’s adaptation of Anthony Horowitz’s spy novels is on its way

Alex Rider, a gripping new eight-part version of the much-loved books about a teenage secret agent is availabe to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Alex Rider: What happens?

The series follows schoolboy Alex (Mrs Wilson’s Otto Farrant), who has been brought up by his enigmatic banker uncle Ian (Broadchurch’s Andrew Buchan) following the death of his parents.

But when Ian is suddenly killed, a suspicious Alex discovers that he was actually a spy for The Department, a mysterious offshoot of MI6 run by hard-nosed Alan Blunt (Game of Thrones’ Stephen Dillane) and his second-in-command Mrs Jones (Vicky McClure).

The Department then recruits Alex to go undercover at Point Blanc, an elite boarding school in the French Alps for the troubled teenage children of the super-rich, which Ian was starting to investigate before his death. But Mrs Jones is on hand to keep an eye on him.

“It’s an interesting dynamic,” says Vicky. “Someone has to watch out for this kid and she’s empathetic towards his feelings whereas Blunt is focussed on what he wants to get from Alex and how he can use him.”

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Who else is in it?

Alex Rider Brenock O'Connor

Brenock O'Connor as Tom in Alex Rider (Image credit: Des Willie/Eleventh Hour Films/Sony Pictures Television)

Game of Thrones’ Brenock O’Connor is Alex’s laid-back, film nerd friend Tom, while Ronkẹ Adékoluẹjo, whose credits include Doctor Who, is Ian’s American housekeeper Jack Starbright, who has helped to raise Alex. Dixi’s Marli Siu is Kyra Vashenko-Chao, a shrewd fellow student at Point Blanc who bonds with Alex.

Is Alex Rider on Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, it's available now on Amazon Prime Video!

Alex Rider trailer: What does it reveal?

The action-packed preview shows Alex having doubts about his uncle’s death before members of The Department try to recruit him. Then, the strange snow-bound world of Point Blanc is explored. But while Alex thinks that if he just does one job he will be left alone, Mrs Jones admits, “The world we inhabit is murky…”

‘It’s nice this is something my nephews can watch. It's a new audience for me because everything else is so dark,” says Vicky. “But I initially assumed it would be quite childlike. Then I read the script and was surprised at the amount of action in it.”