All American: Homecoming season 3 — who does Simone choose to be with?

Peyton Alex Smith as Damon Sims and Martin Bobb-Semple as Lando laughing in All American: Homecoming season 3
Peyton Alex Smith and Martin Bobb-Semple, All American: Homecoming (Image credit: Troy Harvey/The CW)

The wait is finally over as All American: Homecoming season 3 has finally kicked off, a sigh of relief for fans who have been impatiently waiting to see what happens next in the series. After the season 2 finale, fans were left with several cliffhangers. 

For example, is JR (Sylvester Powell) hanging up his baseball mitt for the sake of his health? Also, what's with the mystery surrounding Marcus’ (Cory Hardict) wife? Who knew he was even married? But the most frustrating cliffhanger viewers have had to wrestle with in the show's downtime is who Simone (Geffri Maya) chooses to be with. Has her heart led her to national pitching phenom Damon (Peyton Alex Smith), or is she choosing the equally talented but not quite as well-known pitcher Lando (Martin Bobb-Semple)? 

Now leading up to the reveal of her decision, we’ve found ourselves believing that she’d choose Lando. Although Damon knew Simone first and she’d probably do well to pick him as a romantic partner, the chemistry between Simone and Lando seems electric. Plus, Lando really helped push Simone last season and served as a big support system as she was pledging her sorority. On the flip side of things, Simone softened Lando a bit, making him a bit more endearing and less abrasive. 

Our theory of #Slando becoming a thing was only enhanced when news hit that Damon portrayer Smith was reducing his time with the series and would only be a recurring cast member in season 3. For us, the casting change signaled the possibility that Damon wasn't the person Simone chose, and he would not be hanging around her as much. After all, it would be a little awkward for Damon to remain friends with Simone if she opted to be in a relationship with his frenemy Lando. 

With all that being said and the season 3 premiere having just aired, who does Simone actually choose? Here’s what we know. 

Does Simone choose to be with Damon or Lando?

Well, it looks like we were wrong. It was revealed in the season premiere that Simone chose Damon. However, with him leaving Bringston to play baseball now that the university's baseball team has been cut, we'll have to wait and see if Simone and Damon can endure a long-distance relationship.  

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