All Creatures Great and Small romance for Tristan on cards

Tristan with Florence in All Creatures Great and Small
Romance? Tristan with Florence in All Creatures Great and Small (Image credit: Channel 5)

All Creatures Great and Small's unlucky-in-love vet Tristan Farnon could finally be set to enjoy a romance.

To be fair, Tristan has been happier being a Jack the lad type, and in the past, he's enjoyed flirting with barmaid Maggie.

But it seems Tristan has a different view on life now James and Helen have finally gotten married. Tristan is growing up and now that he has finally passed those dreaded vet exams it appears he'd like a proper relationship.

Pictures suggest that Tristan may be about to enjoy a romance with a new character called Florence (Sophie Khan Levy). 

Talking to Radio Times and others, Callum Woodhouse, who plays Tristan, shared his thoughts on where things might go romantically for his character.

"He’s always thought 'Once I pass, I’ll be set'. Then he passes and there's still a sort of empty feeling. So we start with him trying to figure out what it is that he needs to fill that hole with.

"And he’s seen how James and Helen are with each other and seen their beautiful relationship together. I think he’s jealous. I mean jealous in a sort of affectionate way — he’s happy for his best mate of course, but I think he wants a bit of that love and affection."

Tristan with Maggie in All Creatures Great and Small

Tristan with previous love interest Maggie. (Image credit: Photographer: Helen Williams / Playground Television (UK) Ltd.)

In a previous chat with us, Callum, who made his name in The Durrells, spoke about why viewers had fallen in love with the show. 

“When we’re in Grassington [the Yorkshire town where the show is filmed], it’s like doing live theatre because you've got an audience. The reception has been incredible. Before series one, a lot of the comments were, ‘Don't mess it up!’ because it was very dear to people. But our version has found its way into people's hearts.”

In the second episode of All Creatures Great and Small season 3, we will see James and Siegfried clashing. 

James is now a junior partner but Siegfried is struggling to let him have more say. Once again it’s down to Mrs Hall to save the day and stop the pair from falling out. 

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