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Andi Peters brought to tears over shock Live & Kicking reunion!

Andi Peters
(Image credit: Mike Marsland)

Andi was thrilled to see Emma Forbes again

Andi Peters was brought close to tears during his first day standing in for Lorraine Kelly on her ITV chat show today.

The presenter was taken by complete surprise when he was reunited with his former Live & Kicking co-star Emma Forbes via video link live on the programme.

The duo hosted the 90s children's TV show together before Andi departed in 1996, with Emma leaving shortly after to have a baby.

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Andi was left completely overwhelmed and teary eyed when Emma joined him for a chat from her Long Island home across the pond after he reminisced on a 'best bits' reel from Live & Kicking.

"It's so great Andi because quite frankly you are television gold. I can honestly tell you (Live & Kicking) were the best days of my life," Emma said during the sweet virtual get together.

"Andi has been my rock, my friend through everything, we did so many fun things together.

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"I remember we had to open a ride in Thorpe Park and he's much more adventurous than me. I couldn't open my eyes and he held my hand the whole time."


This comes after Andi praised ITV for getting more black stars involved in presenting roles as he shared his excitement for his summer stint on Lorraine while the lady herself enjoys her much-needed annual break.

"It's a real break from tradition and it's a great statement from the channel about getting more black faces on television in lead roles as opposed to support roles, which is really important and we mustn't shy away from that fact," he said.

"I love Lorraine, I've known her for ten years, I'm on her show every day and it's great to be part of that family. So, sitting in for her is an honour, Lorraine is an institution.

"I'm looking forward to chatting to people and having a whole hour to actually relax into it. I'm a bit of a chatterbox. I'll enjoy having guests on, who want to have a bit of a chinwag and also to be able to do some serious stuff."

Lorraine airs weekday mornings at 9am on ITV