Attack secret shock! This BOMBSHELL dropped tonight in Emmerdale

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Victoria reveals she's keeping her baby

Victoria’s trip away with Robert in Emmerdale hasn’t been the cure-all for the terrifying attack that left her pregnant and broken, but it has given her some thinking time.

And Diane and Robert (Ryan Hawley) are left reeling tonight when Victoria – who’s started suffering from morning sickness – tells them that she’s decided to keep the baby.

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The bombshell doesn’t sit well with fiery Robert, who’s struggled to control his rage about the attack since the moment he found out.

It falls to Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) to try to keep the peace between the siblings. But she’s wrong to give Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) hope that Robert might change his mind. When Victoria runs into him, he’s upset to see her so distressed, but he’s unable to support her decision not to have a termination.

Victoria shocks Diane and Robert in Emmerdale

Stunned... Diane and Robert find out Victoria's news tonight in Emmerdale

Having already confided in mother-in-law Moira, who was the first person to realise something was wrong, Victoria bravely tells some of her other loved ones that she was raped after their night out in Hotten.

At The Woolpack, cook Marlon, who has been busy moaning about how much time off Victoria has had with ‘the flu’, is horrified when she bravely shares the truth of her ordeal with him.

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While her bosses Chas and Charity take in the news, Victoria’s best friend Matty feels desperately guilty for berating Victoria for not being there for him lately.

Victoria opens up to Moira in Emmerdale

Victoria previously opened up to Moira in Emmerdale

And how will Ellis, who had been hoping to reconcile with Victoria, react to the upsetting revelation? Will Victoria get the support she needs?

Emmerdale is on tonight at 7pm and 8pm.

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