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BABY HORROR heading for THIS Coronation Street favourite next week

Coronation Street
(Image credit: ITV)

Gemma Winter unwittingly puts her babies in danger in Coronation Street...

Coronation Street favourite Gemma Winter puts herself and her quads in danger next week when a misjudged moment leads to horrifying consequences.

With four babies to look after, it's no surprise that Gemma is finding life as a new mum hard work.

But her mum, Bernie, is back on the cobbles next week, after realising that her daughter is struggling.

Gemma an d Chesney in Coronation Street

Gemma's life has been turned upside down since having her quads (Picture: ITV)

While Gemma insists that she is fine, Bernie can tell otherwise from the state of the house and sets about helping to clean and tidy.

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But as frazzled Gemma watches over her four babies, it is clear that she is full of stress and anxiety, desperately worried that something is going to happen to one of them.

As Bernie and Gemma take the quads to a baby class, Gemma introduces her mum to Imogen and Vanessa, who make no effort to hide their dislike for Bernie.

Coronation Street spoilers: Poor Gemma Winter is left out by the other mums

Bernie gets the cold shoulder from Gemma's friends when she meets them (Picture: ITV)

When Gemma suggests they meet up later that day, Vanessa and Imogen lie that they are seeing an old friend. But when later Gemma catches them both together, they have been rumbled and Gemma is upset.

However, after a quick talking to from Bernie, the mean mums apologise to Gemma and suggest they all head out for lunch. Gemma is thrilled, but Imogen and Vanessa have got a plan and start to ply Gemma with Prosecco.

When Gemma overhears the pair being mean about her, Gemma is mortified and grabs the buggy and races out of the lunch.

Gemma Winter puts her babies’ lives at risk

Gemma walks in front of a car, putting herself and the quads in danger (Picture: ITV)

But in her emotional state, Gemma walks straight into the path of a speeding car, putting herself and the babies in danger.

Thankfully the car manages to stop in time, but Gemma is horrified at what has happened and breaks down.

As the shattered mum admits to Bernie that she hasn't slept in weeks, Bernie begs Gemma to talk to Chesney and get some professional help.

But will Gemma listen?

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