Beat the Chasers star Paul Sinha addresses 'incorrect' Patrick Swayze question

Beat The Chasers' Shaun Wallace, Paul Sinha, Issa Schultz, Bradley Walsh, Darragh Ennis, Jenny Ryan and Mark Labbett (L-R).
Beat the Chasers faced criticism from fans after an answer from Paul Sinha was deemed wrong. (Image credit: ITV)

Beat the Chasers star Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha took to Twitter to respond to viewers' protests over a question during last night’s episode (Monday, May 16).

A contestant named Steven had managed to beat the chasers in a quiz-off during Beat the Chasers season 5.

However, the award-winning quiz show left fans confused over a question regarding Patrick Swayze, after the chaser's answer was considered wrong.

Host Bradley Walsh asked: “What Patrick Swayze film became a West End musical?” to which Paul quickly replied with “Dirty Dancing.”

Bradley told him that the answer was incorrect and the correct answer was actually Ghost.

Baffled fans were quick to point out that Dirty Dancing has been adapted into a West End musical, but Paul was on-board to help clear up their skepticism.

“That was episode 1. When we're chasing the game, mistakes are made. But that Dirty Dancing/Ghost call was brutal,” he wrote on Twitter.

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“Just to clarify, the swayze q hadnt finished,” he added, also stating that: “There was going to be a year in the second part of the question.”

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Beat the Chasers has since welcomed a new Chaser to the panel as a replacement for Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty.

The long-standing Chaser was forced to quit the series after testing positive for COVID and Australian brainbox Issa Schultz also known as 'The Supernerd,' has stepped in.

Issa is a main Chaser on the Australian version of The Chase and is an eight-time winner of the Australian Quizzing Championships.

When we spoke to him, Issa told us he felt like he had "massive shoes to fill". He said: "I've worked with Anne since 2015 when The Chase Australia started. As The Governess, Anne is a terrifying woman, with massive shoes to fill.

"Everyone was so supportive of me joining Beat The Chasers, but Anne was the most supportive, sending me lovely messages."

Beat the Chasers airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV.

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