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Betrayal hits Ramsay Street as THIS unlikely Neighbours pair hide a dark secret

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Secrets like this usually have a habit of getting out in Neighbours...

Next week's Neighbours sees unlikely pair Paul Robinson and Chloe Brennan joining forces and keep a huge secret from their loved ones. But what are they up to?

When Chloe and Paul start sneaking around this Friday (5th April) their dodgy new business deal starts to cause problems for the pair when Aaron becomes suspicious that his sister suddenly has cash to splash.

But while Paul urges her to keep quiet about the new arrangement, next week sees the lies start to stack up.

Chloe has joined forces with Paul for a huge new business deal...

Chloe has joined forces with Paul for a huge new business deal...

Leo Tanaka is suspicious about the sneaking around that Chloe and his dad seem to be doing, and when Paul clearly tries to get girlfriend and business partner Terese Willis and daughter Amy Williams out of Lassiters for the day Leo is convinced something is going on.

Fed up with everyone around him lying, Leo decides to tell Amy and Terese that Paul is up to something shifty... and it soon looks like Chloe and Paul's deal is about to be busted.

As Paul and Chloe entertain an important investor, Max Walpole, at the penthouse, it looks like the lucrative business deal might be about to happen as Max prepares to sign on the dotted line.

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Paul is pulling the world over Terese and Amy's eyes once again...

But Amy and Terese are on the warpath thanks to Leo, and the pair barge in just at the wrong moment, and all hell breaks loose.

As Terese calls Chloe by her name, Max is confused, because Chloe has been pretending to be Amy in the deal.

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Terese isn't happy when she discovers the truth about Paul and Chloe's secret project!

Paul was too embarrassed to admit that his daughter had pulled out of working with him, and asked Chloe to step in while the deal was being finalised... but how is Amy going to react to being impersonated?

And where will all this secrecy leave Paul and Terese's relationship?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

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