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Neighbours spoilers: Will Finn Kelly ruin Bea Nilsson's singing gig?

Neighbours, Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson

Bea is super-excited about her next show at The Waterhole. However, she hasn't counted on an appearance from her creepy ex, Finn...

Despite the continued presence of her twisted ex-fiance Finn Kelly in Erinsborough, Bea Nilsson is determined to push Finn from her mind and focus on her next show at The Waterhole.

However, Bea's unaware Dr David Tanaka and policeman Mark Brennan are busy escorting Finn around the Lassiter's complex in another attempt to trigger his memories, after the former teacher woke from a coma with amnesia.

So just as Bea takes to the stage and starts singing, she's freaked-out to see Finn staring back at her from the crowd! With more than a bad case of stage fright, Bea panics and flees...

Elsewhere, Chloe Brennan is not impressed after her brother Aaron accuses her of meeting men for money again. Unfortunately, Chloe can't tell Aaron the REAL reason her bank balance has suddenly had a boost, since it involves secret dealings and a 'special project' with her boss Paul Robinson. What are the pair of them up to?

Neighbours, Terese Willis

Terese has an ultimatum for boyfriend Paul (Picture: Channel 5)

With daughter Piper having left her with some words of warning, Terese Willis can't help but wonder if her fella Paul is up to something shady and has deliberately bought Kyle Canning back to Erinsborough to ruin Gary Canning and Amy Williams's relationship.

As Terese's frustrations with Paul's behaviour grow, she decides to deliver Mr Robinson a SHOCK ultimatum...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5