10 Years Ago This Week in the Soaps: 5 November

Remind yourself of all the soap drama that was happening in Corrie, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks 10 years ago this week. Doesn't time fly!


Gossip was rife on the cobbles as betrayed Tracy Barlow forgave love rat fell Charlie Stubbs for his affair with Maria Sutherland. Tracy also took great delight in antagonising Maria when she went to get her nails done. But Tracy's show of affection for Charlie was purely for show... as she formulated a plan of revenge.

Jack Duckworth celebrated his 70th birthday in style in the Rovers. But the night descended into chaos when Tyrone Dobbs livened the party up with a stripper!

Elsewhere, Audrey Roberts and Bill Webster enjoyed some late-night canoodling and sparked a golden oldie romance.


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There was trouble brewing between Stacey and Sean Slater as Stacey desperately tried to reunite her brother and her mum, Jean Slater. Stacey also exchanged harsh words with Bradley Branning when he splashed out on an expensive dress that Stacey feared they could ill afford.

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Billy Mitchell faced a horrifying situation when he found a note from his distressed wife, Honey. The note revealed Honey had done a runner as she couldn’t cope with caring for their Down’s syndrome daughter, Petal (as Janet was then called).

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Elsewhere, Mickey Miller arranged to meet Dawn Swann’s new fella, Rob Minton, so he could question him and satisfy his nagging suspicions about the shady bloke.


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Steph Stokes faced trial for the murder of her brother, Terence. In a bizarre twist of events, she pleaded guilty to this crime, which she hadn’t committed, and she was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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Elsewhere, unlikely peace-maker Tom King forced Edna Birch and her sister, Lily Butterfield (played by Neighbours legend Anne Charleston), to sit down and bury the hatchet after years of antagonism.

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Tom also found himself a new romantic interest in the shape of classy-but-chilly Rosemary Sinclair.


Despite the support of no-nonsense dad Mike, Amy Barnes was feeling isolated following the events of the car crash.

The Osborne and the Dean clan prepared for the grand reopening of The Dog, but there was unexpected drama in store...