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Bombshell in Home and Away throws THIS family into crisis

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The news that Brody Morgan is leaving Summer Bay with Simone Bedford doesn't go down well with Home and Away's Morgan family...

Yesterday's trip to Summer Bay saw Brody Morgan make she shock announcement that he was leaving town to start a new life with girlfriend Simon Bedford... and today's Home and Away sees the shockwaves of his news hit the Morgans hard.

Soap fans will know that Brody's romance with Simone is somewhat controversial after they got together while Brody was still married to Ziggy Astoni.

Brody and Simone Home and Away

Brody and Simone are leaving Summer Bay together, and the Morgans are not happy (Credit: Channel 5)

But instead of doing the right thing and being honest with his wife that he had fallen in love with someone else, Brody kept putting off telling Ziggy until one day she caught him in bed with Simone and the truth was revealed in the most shocking of ways.

While Brody's siblings weren't happy about the way he ended his marriage, they have tried to support their brother in his new romance... but now he has dropped the bombshell that he's leaving town and they're far from happy.

Home and Away, Ziggy Morgan, Maggie Astoni

Ziggy was devastated when she discovered Brody has been cheating on her (Credit: Channel 5)

As Brody puts Salt on the market in today's episode, Justin and Tori Morgan are stunned that he is letting his beloved restaurant go after only dating Simone for a few months, but he has made his mind up and it seems there's nothing they can do to stop him leaving.

With the family in crisis, is Brody's decision to leave about to tear the Morgans apart?

Thankfully, it seems unlikely - especially when Justin and Tori are shown the error of their ways.

In the end it is Mason who talks some sense into his older brother and sister, telling them that if they keep fighting Brody then they'll end up pushing him away forever.

Home and Away, Brody Morgan, Ziggy Morgan

Brody is selling-up and moving on... (Credit: Channel 5)

Given food for thought, Justin and Tori agree to ask Brody and Simone round for dinner, and the pair are nervous when they arrive, thinking they're going to be given the third degree again.

But the new couple are shocked when Tori and Justin tell Brody that while they don't like the fact he is leaving, they will support his decision, and peace is restored around the dinner table.

However the same can't be said for Raffy. She struggles with the news Brody is leaving and refuses to come out and join everyone for dinner.

Will she manage to forgive Brody and make amends with him before he leaves Summer Bay for good?

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