Britain's Got Talent viewers in hysterics over Declan Donnelly as he makes cheeky Ant McPartlin joke

Britain’s Got Talent finale the most watched in three years
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Fans have praised Dec for his solo presenting skills

Britain’s Got Talent viewers have praised Declan Donnelly for his hilarious antics during the latest live show - including a cheeky joke about Ant McPartlin.

The presenter - who has been hosting alone since Ant was convicted of drink-driving in April - appeared to reference his co-host’s absence when he introduced jazz singer double act Dennis DeMillie and Marvin Muoneke.

“We start with two men who are absolutely inseparable,” Dec, 42, said of the duo.

“They're a double act everyone loved in the auditions and now they're back together for semi-final week. Must be nice.”

Dec tried to keep a straight face after the quip but judge David Walliams could be heard laughing in the background.

It wasn’t the only funny moment for Dec during Friday night’s show, with the host also playfully giving David a smack on the bottom after joking that he was annoyed with him for throwing confetti at him.

“Stop it. I’m gonna smash your face in,” Dec said. ‘I’ve been calm all week but you’re really getting on my pip.

“I think we should go to a commercial break while the votes are counted and verified. I’m gonna take David over my knee and let’s see what happens.”

David then bent over the desk to let Dec spank him.

The Geordie star’s cheeky antics left viewers in hysterics, with one commenting on Twitter: “Howling at Dec”

“#Dec is absolutely hilarious!” another remarked, whilst one added: “can i just say, me and victoria DIED when dec made the joke at the start about ant, “must be nice” SO FUNNY”

Dec’s comedic side has just heightened the praise for his solo presenting skills without Ant by his side.

“what a superstar Dec is proving once again to be. Making light of his situation. The whole country are behind you,” one admirer tweeted.

And a fellow fan wrote: “I think the public has found a whole new love for Dec this week”

Dec will once again fly solo when he presents the grand final of Britain’s Got Talent on Sunday night at 7.30pm on ITV.