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Casualty braced for ‘nasty scenes between Connie and Zsa Zsa’ reveals Sharon Gless

Casualty Zsa Zsa
Sharon Gless makes a welcome return to <a href="/casualty-home/" data-source-seowords>Casualty</a> as flamboyant Zsa Zsa (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Sharon Gless reveals Connie is shaken up by the return of Zsa Zsa in Casualty

Casualty gets its third visit from Cagney & Lacey superstar Sharon Gless this Saturday!

Sharon returns to Holby via video link when doctor Dylan Keogh calls pioneering American neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson.

“I always have the most fun when I’m filming with the Casualty cast and crew in Wales. I’m thrilled I’ve been invited back! It’s a wonderful series and I hope they’ll ask me again,” Sharon tells us when we call the star at her Florida home.

While we only see Sharon on screen via Dylan’s computer this Saturday, next week Zsa Zsa sashay’s into the hospital to perform dangerous brain surgery on Luka, the young son of nurse Faith Cadagon and paramedic Lev Malinovsky.

Sharon Gless on a computer screen as Zsa Zsa after Dylan calls her in America

FIRST LOOK! Sharon Gless makes a special two-part return to Casualty when Dylan calls in the American big guns (Image credit: BBC)

This is Zsa Zsa’s third visit to the ED and has all the elements fans have come to love – maternal concern for former protégé Dylan, silent sidekick Jeffers, a warm reunion with David Hide, and a catty run in with Connie.

“Zsa Zsa has some nasty scenes with Connie Beauchamp. When they first met on my last visit [in 2018] they immediately had this terrible relationship.

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“When Zsa Zsa passes her office this time Connie (Amanda Mealing) is wonderfully unpleasant. Connie is a brilliant character; I can’t imagine her not having her fangs out! It’s wonderful how she levels people, and does it all so politely!”

Off-screen, however, Sharon and Amanda are the best of friends…

“Amanda and I have become good friends,” says Sharon, 76. “We thought that we’d get a chance to break away for lunch while filming but were only ever able to sneak off to her dressing room!”

Catch the first instalment of Sharon Gless’s two-part return to Casualty on Saturday 22 February at 9.10pm on BBC1.