'Casualty' star promises 'unforgettable' Ethan and Fenisha wedding

Ethan and Fenisha's love is clear to see in Casualty as they practise their first dance, unaware of what the future holds...
Ethan and Fenisha's love is clear to see in Casualty as they practise their first dance, unaware of what the future holds... (Image credit: BBC)

Ethan and Fenisha's wedding day is almost here in Casualty — and we can’t wait! But will their plans be derailed when her ex-fiance Matthew offers her a lift to the ceremony after her taxi is cancelled?

This week we follow Ethan and Fenisha on their whirlwind wedding morning in the first of a two-part Casualty special (BBC1, 9.30pm, 31 July 2021 — see our TV Guide for listings). 

Here Olivia D’Lima, who plays paramedic Fenisha, gives us the inside story on Ethan and Fenisha’s wedding day twists and turns...

Olivia, Ethan and Fenisha’s proposal was adorable. Why did she ask Ethan to marry her?

Oliva D’Lima: "She can't bear the idea of them spending a second more apart so, in true Fenisha fashion, she put together a bold gesture and made sure that Ethan couldn't ignore it! 

"Obviously, marriage isn't the only way to show your commitment to someone but I love that Fenisha knew it was what Ethan would want and jumped in with both feet without looking back!"

You mentioned on Twitter that the outfit Fenisha proposed in holds significance for the couple. Can you tell us more?

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Olivia: "It’s the dress she was wearing when they first met!

"Fenisha tried so hard to make the proposal personal to Ethan. 

"Casualty’s Costume Department asked me if I had any opinion on what she should wear for the proposal so I requested that dress. I was freezing but it was worth it!"

Are you delighted Ethan and Fenisha's wedding is so soon after the proposal?

Olivia: "Yes! Fenisha and Ethan have been through so much; I love that they get this chance for their happy ending. 

"As awful as it is, Fenisha knows each day they aren’t together is a day they’ll never get back because of his Huntington’s disease. She can't bear the idea of them spending a second more apart.

"Ethan’s Huntington's symptoms have already started to show and Fenisha can see the fear in his eyes so she knows it must be getting serious."

Ethan meets Fenisha's parents Ashley (Alison Dowling) and Pen (Narinder Samra).

Meet the parents! Ethan meets Fenisha's mum and dad Ashley (Alison Dowling) and Pen (Narinder Samra). (Image credit: BBC)

Can you tell us about the style of their wedding and the thinking behind it? Fenisha is becoming an excellent party planner! 

Olivia: "Fenisha knows how to throw a party, that's for sure! 

"But she will never overlook the environmental impacts, which is why the reception is a beautiful eco-haven. 

"The guests have been asked to wear something they already own or something second hand, to help reduce the waste caused by the fashion industry. She also wants gift every guest a tree to plant, to generate a positive ecological impact. Fenisha will never stop trying to save the world! 

"Ethan has his stamp too, which is why they want to get married at the Church where his brother, Cal, is buried, ensuring that he is never forgotten. 

"The wedding is a perfect representation of the merging of Ethan and Fenisha — the traditional meets the free-spirit. It represents them both perfectly."

Ethan pays Cal a visit before his wedding to Fenisha.

Ethan pays Cal a visit before his wedding to Fenisha.  (Image credit: BBC)

Things start to unravel on the morning of the wedding. What can you reveal?

Olivia: "I'd love to say Fenisha is calm and relaxed but she is an absolute whirlwind! 

"Her and Ethan can’t wait to spend their lives together so have rushed to put together a beautiful, eco-friendly wedding... and she's definitely bitten off more than she can chew with the wedding prep!

"Fenisha has a terrible habit of taking on more responsibility than she should. She ends up potting her eco-friendly wedding favours at the ambulance station. It takes way longer than expected and then her cab cancels on her!

"She chucks her wedding dress and makeup on and rushes around looking for a way to get to her wedding!"

Frantic Fenisha on the phone shortly before her wedding ceremony

Say what? Fenisha is frantic when her taxi cancels... (Image credit: BBC)

Her ex-fiance Matthew offers to drive her? Are there any indications his intentions may not be entirely wholesome?

Olivia: "She’s very dubious… She doesn't have a clue that he might have ulterior motives. 

"The break-up was pretty final and I think she's glad they could salvage a friendship. But it's still a very weird situation… Turning up to your wedding in your ex's car, who you recently broke up with for the second time? 

"Talk about an awkward entrance! But if it gets her to Ethan then she'll do whatever it takes."

A younger Fenisha and Matthew on their wedding day, before the bride did a runner!

A younger Fenisha and Matthew on their wedding day, before the bride did a runner! (Image credit: BBC)

Does she feel bad for dumping Matthew — twice!?

Olivia: "Fenisha really got herself into a tricky situation with that one! She carried the guilt of leaving him at the altar for years but then somehow, they fell into old habits again. Fenisha was completely thrown by him coming back into her life. 

"Ethan kept pushing them together and suddenly they were dating again. Little did she know that Matthew (Osi Okerafor) was convinced they were back together forever. It was an awful break-up. 

"Fenisha will carry this guilt for a long time, but knew she had to follow her heart…"

Is Fenisha feeling very differently about her wedding to Ethan, compared to her near-wedding with Matthew?

Olivia: "Oh my gosh, they are worlds apart! With the engagement to Matthew, Fenisha was young and didn't really know herself yet. 

"Now she knows exactly who she is and can make a confident decision about who will complement her life and bring out the best in her. 

"You can even tell by the dresses! That first dress was so not Fenisha, but everything in her wedding with Ethan is them down to a T."

Saturday’s episode is the first of a two-part special. Can we expect a cliffhanger?

Olivia: "Viewers will be taken on a huge emotional roller coaster in true Casualty fashion. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows. I can promise that this will be an unforgettable episode."

Surely disaster won’t strike on Ethan and Fenisha’s big day? Find out if they make it down the aisle when Casualty airs on BBC1 at 9.30pm on Saturday 31 July 2021. 

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