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Casualty to finally air infamous MISSING episode - here's when it's on

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Great news for Casualty fans...

It has been revealed that the infamous missing episode of Casualty that the BBC decided not air back in May will now be shown later this month.

The episode named 'Code Orange' was dropped from scheduling at the last minute after BBC bosses decided the storyline showed too many parallels to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lev threatens Dylan when the doctor reveals he knows his secret

Casualty will air the missing episode later this month (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

The lost episode sees the Emergency Department going into lockdown after a chemical attack.

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But, after careful consideration from the BBC, it was understandably decided that seeing our favourite Casualty team battling an invisible threat would be inappropriate at that time.

Instead the medical drama skipped forward an episode, leaving fans confused by the jump in storylines.

Jacob and Connie have an explosive argument in Casualty

Casualty has got back to filming after a break over lockdown (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC)

A voiceover gave fans an explanation as to why the scheduled episode wouldn't be shown.

Viewers were also given an extended preview at the start of the next episode filling them in on missed storylines.

The wait is over 

The episode that fans have been waiting for will now air on Saturday 26th September.

External shot of socially distant filming in Casualty

All change on Casualty's set in Cardiff as social distancing measures are put in place (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Speaking of the one off episode, Head of Continuing Drama at the BBC, Kate Oates, said...

"We are really proud of this Casualty episode and are excited to now share it with audiences.

"We know the Casualty fans will be delighted to watch never-seen-before moments of the Fenisha, Will and Ethan love triangle, and to see the whole ED come together to tackle an invisible threat."

A treat for fans 

After taking a break in production thanks to lockdown, the Casualty crew got back to filming recently.

The drama is set to return with a bang as special episode that highlights the difficult realities of battling coronavirus in the Emergency Department.

Watch the missing Casualty episode on Saturday 26th September on BBC One.