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Casualty viewers praise 'hilarious' new character Jade - despite her making THIS big error!

(Image credit: BBC)

Student nurse Jade certainly made a memorable arrival

Casualty saw the arrival of a brand new member of staff in last night’s episode - and she’s already proved a hit with many viewers.

Student nurse Jade (played by Gabriella Leon) made a slightly rocky entrance when her first scene saw her vomiting in a supermarket in the early hours of the morning, before showing up for a shift on the maternity ward the following day.

Jade didn’t exactly impress Louise - who was helping out for the day - with her work-shy attitude but the pair were brought together when they were forced to save a heavily pregnant woman’s life.

This led Louise (Azuka Oforka) to suggest Jade join the ED instead and the new recruit seemed awestruck as she visited the department later on.

And despite the fact that she made a big mistake by admitting that she didn’t know who Casualty legend Charlie was, Jade managed to win over viewers.

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“I kind of already love Jade,” one fan wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: “Jade is hilarious but very naïve”

Meanwhile one tipped Jade for success in the ED even though she still has a lot to learn.

“I think jade is going to well in ed,” the viewer posted.

Others were thrilled to see her sharing her story about her past growing up in care too, with one fan tweeting: “Jade is my new role model proof that even if you grew up in care you can still achieve your dreams”

It didn’t stop some from being shocked at her lack of knowledge of Charlie (Derek Thompson) though.

“Everyone knows who Charlie is , ger to kmow him quick!” one fan joked.

Another added: “How can she not know who the one and only Charlie is?”

It looks like Jade will soon be getting to know Charlie and the other members of the ED team - we can’t wait to see how she gets on!