Chill out with some Hammer horror on BBC2 this Christmas and New Year

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Fancy spending the festive season in the company of vampires, an ancient Egyptian mummy, Frankenstein’s creature, a Yeti and a psycho, then why not check out BBC2’s homage to Hammer horror with a selection of the iconic studio's greatest classics, as well as the network premiere of the 2011 chiller The Resident

DRACULA 12.10am, 26 December, BBC2 HD Hammer Films' original vampire film, an adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic book, starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, restored to its original glory by the British Film Institute in 2007 with censored scenes, original credits and the full-length climax reinstated. (Terence Fisher, 1958, 82min)

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THE MUMMY 1.15am, Friday 27 December, BBC2 HD An Egyptian high priest (Christopher Lee) returns to life to avenge the desecration by a team of Victorian archaeologists of the 4,000-year-old tomb of his beloved, Princess Ananka (Yvonne Furneaux). (Terence Fisher, 1959, 88min)

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THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN 12.40am, Saturday 28 December, BBC2 HD Condemned to death for a series of murders, Baron Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) tries to convince his jailers that the crimes were actually committed by the bizarre creature he created in his secret laboratory. (Terence Fisher, 1957, 83min)


THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN 2am, Sunday 29 December, BBC2 HD A botanist (Peter Cushing) on a Himalayan expedition joins forces with a ruthless adventurer (Forest Tucker) on a search for the legendary Yeti. (Val Guest, 1957, 91min)


THE RESIDENT 11.40pm, Wednesday 1 January, BBC2 A New York hospital doctor (Hilary Swank) moves into a new apartment after a messy break-up. The flat is spacious and surprisingly cheap, and her new landlord (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is handsome and helpful. Everything looks fine, until mysterious things start happening around her... Christopher Lee also co-stars. (Antii J Jokinen, 2011, 91min)