'Coronation Street' 2022 preview: 9 storylines set to rock Weatherfield this year

Coronation Street Rovers Return
Watch out Weatherfield, there is drama on the horizon! (Image credit: Getty)

2022 is already shaping up to be a year to remember in Coronation Street after a terrible road accident has left Emma Brooker and Faye Windass fearing they're guilty of killing a man. The friends are now bound by the deadly secret they share, and that's just the start of the drama on the nation's famous cobbles.

Further secrets and lies are wreaking havoc and threatening to tear families apart forever, three is a crowd for more than one of Coronation Street's couples, while new romances are set to ruffle feathers, old faces return to cause trouble, and the future of one of the best-loved locals hangs in the balance. 

Here's our guide to what's coming up in Weatherfield in 2022...

Emma and Faye's deadly secret

Emma Brooker and Faye are in shock after hitting an elderly man.

Faye and Emma's year will be filled with secrets and lies.  (Image credit: ITV)

2022 is already proving to be a nightmare for Emma and Faye, after a terrible mistake resulted in tragedy. Whilst taking drunk Emma from a party, learner driver Faye accidentally ran over pensioner Ted. Although shaken, Ted seemed relatively unscathed by the incident, but that may not have been the case when Emma and Faye arrived at his flat to check on him and found the OAP dead in his armchair. Having carefully removed any trace of them being there, the girls made a pact to keep the accident between them. But is that simple to just keep calm and carry on?  "Faye knows lying is for the best to keep her and Emma out of prison," reveals actress Ellie Leach, who plays the former jailbird. "But the pressure will build and there are difficult decisions to make. Faye is worried about Emma – she’s a bit of a blabbermouth and says things without thinking. It's a question of how long can we keep this up?" Now bound by their dark secret, the situation has intensified since Emma and Faye now live under the same roof at the salon flat. Corrie producer Iain MacLeod has teased things are about to get even messier: "Two likeable women are out of their depths and the consequences are life-changing." he revealed. "The scripts are exciting and complicated – and funny as Emma is hapless. It’s quirky but at the bottom of it, it will trigger a seismic event of their lives."

Abi and Imran's secret is exposed

Will Imran and Abi tell Kevin the truth?

Abi's mistakes are about to come back to haunt her.  (Image credit: ITV)

Imran was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief after learning Abi wasn't expecting his baby after all. But with Toyah and Kevin still none the wiser about their secret one night stand, the solicitor knows it's ticking time bomb waiting to go off. And when it does explode, soap boss Iain MacLeod has promised the fallout will be epic. "It won't be for months, but the way it happens is very surprising," he shared. "It’s big and shocking and it’s the last thing you’d expect... it turns into a gobsmacking cataclysm." Wherever Abi goes trouble isn't far behind, and 2022 is going to be another challenging year for the former addict. "She could lose Kevin and Jack and will be caught in a David and Goliath legal battle," Iain reveals. "It threatens to destroy Imran and Toyah’s relationship, and forces Imran to look in a mirror and consider himself and the man who he is – he could go to the dark side."

Lydia splits Adam and Sarah?


Lydia is about to cause more trouble for Sarah and Adam.  (Image credit: ITV)

Sarah is hoping this will be the year she and hubby Adam start their own family, but the presence of his former flame Lydia might put paid to her baby dreams. Sarah already has insecurities about the number of notches on Adam's bedpost, so it's hardly surprising she's finding it slightly awkward being around his ex. It looks like this storyline could go all Fatal Attraction on us, but newcomer Rebecca Ryan, who plays Lydia, is looking forward to her character causing even more conflict. "There’s always going to be a bit of drama, but I also want people to see the reasons behind why Lydia’s there to cause trouble, explains the actress. "It's not her intention to wreck Sarah and Adam, but she does do things." Executive Producer Iain MacLeod adds: "It starts small and even humorous with Adam and Sarah as they take potshots, but gradually it becomes more nightmare-ish. It’s exciting with three fantastic actors. It’s thriller-ish but modern."

Fiz and Tyrone reunited?

Fiz is stunned by Mimi's 'present'.

Is a reunion on the cards for Fiz and Tyrone? (Image credit: ITV)

2021 brought nothing but heartache for Fiz, but after enduring the trauma of Tyrone dumping her for Alina, she's found happiness again with Phill. The new romance has provided some much-needed comic relief watching Phill and Tyrone scrapping like a pair of overgrown schoolboys, but the question remains - is Phill really the right guy for Fiz? He appears to adore her and the girls, and has been brave enough to want to take on unhinged Hope as his stepdaughter, but is it all too good to be true? Tyrone's made it clear where his heart lies, and as the weeks go on Fiz will be left facing a dilemma of which fella she wants. Iain MacLeod recently revealed he's already decided how Fiz will get her happy ending, but warned it won't be without complication. For actor Alan Halsall, aka Tyrone, it's a no-brainer who Fiz should be with: "I see Tyrone and Fiz as the forever- their names go together." But let's not forget when Alina left the cobbles she was secretly pregnant - will she make a dramatic comeback with the mechanic's mini-me in tow?

Amy bags herself a dodgy boyfriend

Steve has a confession to make.

Steve won't be happy with the new man in Amy's life.  (Image credit: ITV)

Given her DNA, it's a miracle Amy Barlow has turned into such a level-headed lass. But there's a real risk of her being led astray in 2022 when she starts a relationship with former drug dealer, Jacob Hay. The lad, who formally groomed Simon, returns to Weatherfield to try and right the wrongs of his past life, and in the process he and Amy start dating. But how on earth will Steve and Tracy react to their daughter unsuitable choice of boyfriend? "They will try with failure to strategise this, cut her off financially, reverse psychology," shares exec producer Iain. "It’s Meet the Parents proper Corrie style. All the characters in this are cast iron Corrie, it’s a rich story."

Kelly's mum returns to Weatherfield

Kelly strats to wonder is Abi's threats should be taken seriously.

Kelly is set to face more drama in 2022.  (Image credit: ITV)

With a new home and an apprenticeship at the barbers, life is finally on the up for troubled teen Kelly. But while Kel's grateful to Gary to offering her the chance of a fresh start, what she doesn't realise is his actions were driven by his guilt over murdering her dad, Rick. It's been over two years since Rick met his maker during a life-or-death brawl with Gary in the woods, and this kind of grisly secret doesn't stay buried forever. Could 2022 be the year Kelly discovers the awful truth? And how would she feel knowing her guardian angel is also her father's killer? "If it came out, it would be the final straw," admits actress Millie Gibson, who portrays the vulnerable youngster. 2022 is going to bring more challenging times for Kelly as her wayward mum, Laura returns to Weatherfield. The selfish schemer may make out she's got her daughter's best interests at heart, but she's only interested in number one. "I'm nervous for Kelly," admits Mille, "This is never good news..."

New romance for Yasmeen

Yasmeen Nazir is left disappointed by her grandchildren.

Could Yasmeen find happiness with Stu? (Image credit: ITV)

After the horrendous abuse she suffered at the hands of late husband Geoff, it's understandable Yasmeen is wary about trusting another man again. She recently offered homeless Stu Carpenter a job at Speed Daal, but as their friendship began to blossom, Yasmeen's painful past threatened to ruin any chance of romance. "We like the re-exploring of Yasmeen’s psyche after Geoff," reveals Iain MacLeod. "It's such a colossal psychological bomb with lifelong after-effects. Her approach to friendships is damaged but is it irrevocable? She lacks self-esteem - this man really likes her, can she embrace a happy future, or is she irretrievably damaged? It’s a complicated and unique love story."

Summer's story is explored further

Summer Spellman continues to spiral...

Summer's year is going to be a tough one.  (Image credit: ITV)

Summer Spellman is going to be another key character of 2022, and Iain MacLeod has promised, "A really relatable story of the pressures of being a teenage girl – romance, exams, conforming to looks and peers." However, there's also added pressure for the schoolgirl as she continues to come to terms with being a diabetic and the daily difficulties of managing her condition. The year got off to a positive start for Summer when she recently learned she's been given a conditional offer for Oxford University, but her insecurities over her body image are mounting. There's also a nasty shock in store for the teen when she finds Max looking at an upskirting photo of her. Deeply embarrassed by the snap, Summer is sent spiralling and ends up purging on a secret stash of chocolate. With Amy realise her fragile friend is in danger of developing an eating disorder that could put her life at risk?

Tim finds his life on the line

Will Sally think that Tim Metcalfe has gone off her?

Tim is facing a life-changing year ahead.  (Image credit: ITV)

Tim will be taking centre stage in 2022 after a routine health MOT at the doctors leads him to discover he'll need to undergo a triple heart bypass, and that his next heart attack could be fatal. So far he has been hiding his diagnosis from his wife Sally and instead has been attending his appointments with his neighbour Aggie. Meanwhile, poor Sally has become convinced her husband is having an affair - but this month Tim will finally tell her the truth just as he collapses, clutching at his heart. Could this huge secret threaten to end one of the Street's most solid marriages? And will Tim be okay? 

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