Coronation Street boss teases HUGE love triangle for 60th anniversary

Coronation Street
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Who’s going to be in the love triangle?! Could Daniel be involved?

Coronation Street has revealed plans for the soap’s big birthday - including a “classic salacious love triangle!”.

With filming restarted and the milestone 60th anniversary looming large this December, arrangements are well underway.

Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel Osbourne bags a date?

Could Daniel be involved in the love triangle?

Though Covid-19 has affected how the anniversary stories will play out due to various restrictions, viewers can expect classic Corrie all the way.

“We have had to strip out the Hollywood spectacular elements as we didn’t have time to build and install what we had originally planned,” said producer Iain MacLeod in a press conference.

“What we have discovered beneath is a strong community story, which has really resurged under lockdown. There’s a real sense of street by street community that wasn’t there pre-lockdown.

“We’ve got a huge human interest story which emerges from something which is on screen now which has proved to be very popular with the audience, and a classic salacious love triangle.

“We have stripped away the crash, bang wallop what we have been left with is essential soap viewing.”

With the pandemic having already thrown out the timing of certain episodes such as Easter, the threat that it could happen again looms large.

Christmas Corrie plans...

Said Corrie and Emmerdale’s Creative Director, John Whiston:

“My biggest fear is that there’s a second lockdown or stoppage. We have to plan for when certain stories are going to peak. The other issue is Christmas, if we get knocked off kilter we might have to do a Christmas bubble if that comes in. We have plan A, B and C!”

Added Iain: “If we lock down again, we will still have those episodes, it will just transmit later. But I am confident we can hit some classic Corrie episodes for the anniversary and Christmas.”

The bosses were confident that the current three episodes per week will return to the usual six "by autumn" but no promises were made.

“We’ll get up to six as soon as we can,” said John. “It’s a phased return so we will build units up to three or four. We will start producing more and build a buffer.

He continued: “There is an appetite to go back to six. People have relished the show a bit more at three – people saying they are never going to take the soaps for granted any more!”

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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