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Coronation Street confirms HUGE new back-from-the-dead storyline

There's a huge twist coming in one Coronation Street storyline as a presumed dead character makes a dramatic return to life!

There's a huge turn of events in Sally Metcalfe's fraud storyline in Coronation Street as it's revealed that Duncan Radfield's presumed dead wife turns out to actually be very much alive.

Fans of the soap will remember that Duncan claimed his wife May had died when he first appeared in Weatherfield, and that he was setting up a charity in her memory.

Sally in Court

Sally was framed for fraud by Duncan

He then approached mayor Sally to get charity funding from the council, but of course once the £40,000 was in his account, he turned out to be nothing more than a conman, who then went on to frame poor unsuspecting Sally for the crime.

But the official Coronation Street website has revealed this morning that May is still alive and kicking - something that tabloids had hinted at previously, but it has never been officially confirmed.

Could May prove to be the key in getting innocent Sally out of jail after all this time?

Coronation Street has revealed: "While a furious Tim blames Gina and Imran for Sally's wrongful imprisonment, Sophie makes a shocking discovery at the hospital... spotting Duncan's wife, May!"

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Sally has been struggling after being wrongfully thrown in jail

Spoilers have revealed that Duncan is set to be left fighting for his life later this week when he is hit by a car after an argument with Tim about Sally's innocence.

So May is obviously visiting her troubled husband when she is seen by Sophie, but will she help free Sally or is she as good at lying as Duncan?

The soap went on to hint that with May as their bargaining chip - Tim and Sophie could have the proof that they need to free Sally.

Sally explains to Tim and Sophie that Abi will be getting out next week

Can Tim and Sophie use May to get Sally out of jail?

But it seems it could actually be an unlikely source who potentially saves the former mayor from prison... "With Tim and Sophie distracted, the last roll of the dice is down to Gina. Will she be able to save the day?"

Whether the gang get enough evidence to free Sally remains to be seen, but this latest twist certainly works in her favour.

Could Sally be home where she belongs sooner than we thought?

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