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Coronation Street confirms shock DEATH as a familiar face returns to the cobbles

Coronation Street villain Clayton Hibbs is back next week - and Shona is forced to tell her son some bad news...

Coronation Street has revealed that cobbles killer Clayton Hibbs is making his much-anticipated comeback next week when mum Shona Ramsey goes to visit him in jail.

The pair are set to come face-to-face as Clayton continues to do time at Her Majesty's pleasure for killing Kylie Platt in cold blood back in 2016.

But Shona's trip to see her son isn't a social visit... she is there to break the news that his dad, Dane, has died.

The official website for Coronation Street has revealed today: "Shona visits Clayton in prison to tell him his dad has died from an overdose.

"But, when she realises that he already knew and he says he is being bullied, will Shona help him be moved to an open prison?

It has been reported recently that Clayton's return is set to cause trouble for Shona and David's relationship - with just the mention of his name a stark reminder to the pair that Shona's son is the one who murdered David's late wife.

Clayton being found guilty in Coronation Street

Clayton was found guilty of murdering Kylie in Coronation Street back in 2016

The Coronation Street website also reveals that no one is happy to see Shona is in touch with her killer son: "Later, Nick is furious with Shona and tells her that she has no regard for David's feelings. Will she strand for his accusations?"

Paparazzi pictures recently hinted that Clayton will use his dad's funeral as the chance to escape prison and go on the run.

Coronation Street David Platt Shona Ramsey

Clayton's return will rock Shona and David's relationship

It has also been revealed by Digital Spy that once he is free, Clayton is set to hold mum Shona hostage after trying to get her involved in smuggling drugs into prison.

With Shona in danger at the hands of Clayton, it like David's life could be shattered once again thanks to Kylie's killer.

Is David about to have his worst nightmare become a reality once again if Clayton gets his way?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Picture credits: Main image and Clayton in the doc: ITV/REX/Shutterstock, David and Shona ITV/Andrew Boyce