Coronation Street fans are all saying the same thing about killer Stephen Reid

Coronation Street Stephen Reid is desperate to hide his lies.
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Coronation Street fans have been sharing their dislike of accidental cobbles killer Stephen Reid. 

But funnily enough, it's not his murderous ways that have attracted the wrath of soap fans.

Instead it's the fact he's a bit of a rubbish killer that's got them talking!

Stephen has murdered one person - so far! 

He killed Jenny Connor’s fiancé Leo when Leo became suspicious of his financial troubles, by throwing him off the balcony at Underworld.

Somehow he managed to get rid of Leo's body, burn his belongings, and convince Jenny, and Leo's dad Teddy, that Leo's gone to Canada and didn't want to be contacted.

So far, so manipulative.

Leo stands dangerously close to the edge of the building.

Stephen's first victim was Leo - but will he kill again? (Image credit: ITV)

We've been here before with Corrie killers. We know how it works. 

There's the first 'accidental' murder, then things spiral out of control, and before long they're putting on black leather gloves every time they're near an old woman with a bulging bank account, kidnapping ex-lovers, or holding young men prisoner in cellars.

So when Stephen seemed to be plotting to drug his mum, Audrey, fans thought they knew where it was going.

WIll Audrey face up to the truth?

Is Audrey at risk from her killer son? (Image credit: ITV)

With his family all believing he is a successful businessman, Stephen has been going to increasingly desperate lengths to raise the funds he needs to repay ex wife Gabrielle. 

With his missus on his case for the cash, Stephen tried - and failed - to get out of booking a trip to see the Northern Lights for Audrey and Sam. 

And he also agreed to pay more towards his mum’s electricity bill. 

Then he even faced humiliation when he took a job as a food delivery driver. 

With stress mounting, Stephen went for a drink with his mum, and ducked outside to crush up some pills, which he slipped into her gin. 

But when it came to it, Stephen couldn’t go through with drugging poor Aud. 

Instead he deliberately knocked over the poisoned drink. 

Stephen's plan is derailed.

Gabrielle is on Stephen's case about repaying the money he took from her  (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans took to social media to share their disappointment in this storyline, with some viewers complaining they're bored! 

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And a few viewers added their own scornful insults of Stephen, who so far isn’t shaping up to be the sinister cobbles killer we all expected.

And the disdainful fans had a funny insult for Stephen - calling him a budget version of murderer Richard Hillman! 

Richard Hillman, of course, was the legendary Cobbles Killer who murdered Maxine Peacock, along with others, in his attempt to get his hands on cash from the Weatherfield pensioners.

And it seems, as far as the viewers are concerned, Stephen just isn't measuring up! 

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But is Stephen about to up his game? Word is, he's got his eye on Tim Metcalfe's unsuspecting mum Elaine next. Could she be in danger?

Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 8pm.

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