Coronation Street fans hail Charlotte Jordan 'outstanding' in sickening new twist

Daisy Midgeley is shocked when Justin walks in to court in Coronation Street
Fans have praised the latest twist in Daisy's stalking storyline. (Image credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans were left in awe of Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley in the hit show's, 'outstanding' performance in Friday's (March 10) episode of the ITV show.

Earlier in the week on Coronation Street, it transpired that Daisy would appear in court for a Stalking Protection Order hearing, to speak out about Justin's continual harassment. 

But the character was left flabbergasted after delivering her statement to the court when Justin entered the courtroom, proclaiming that the situation is all a big misunderstanding. 

Viewers took to Twitter to express their approval of Charlotte Jordan's acting skills, claiming that she 'deserves to win every award going' for her performance as the terrified Daisy. 

"Wow @CharlieJordanxo is playing Daisy superbly. You can see the fear in her eyes. A true masterclass in acting. Harrowing stuff. She deserves to win every award going," wrote one impressed Corrie fan.

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While another impressed fan of the show said: "@CharlieJordanxo I loved your performance! The scenes were outstanding! #Daisy was heartbreaking."

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And a third commented: "Stalking storyline @CharlieJordanxo Is outstanding #Daisy It is really heating up!"

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Other Coronation Street fans commented on how the storyline highlights problems within the UK legal system, with one viewer writing: "I’m finding Daisy’s storyline very interesting and uncomfortable, it definitely shows that some of the UK laws surrounding stalking need to change to protect people like Daisy!"

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While another viewer agreed that Daisy's story showed how the justice system is a 'joke', writing: "Sadly Daisy’s story is true to life. When you’re terrified of someone the last thing you want is to be seated near him in a courtroom. Too many stalkers end up killing someone. Our justice system is joke."

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There's no doubt that Justin's surprise appearance in court was a devastating blow to Daisy, but will she get the justice she deserves? 

Tune in next week to keep up with the latest developments. 

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