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Coronation Street fans spot SINISTER twist as Ronnie Bailey arrives in Weatherfield

Ronnie Bailey Coronation Street

Does Aggie Bailey share a sinister past with her brother-in-law, Ronnie?

Coronation Street fans are convinced that there is a sinister secret waiting to be uncovered after Ronnie Bailey arrived in Weatherfield last night.

Soap bosses have promised the new addition to the Bailey family is set to bring havoc to the cobbles, and before Ronnie had even arrived it was clear that Aggie didn't want him near her family.

Aggie isn't happy about Ronnie's arrival

Fans are convinced that Aggie and Ronnie share a secret (Picture: ITV)

When Ed announced the news that his brother Ronnie was coming to visit, Aggie was far from impressed.

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While Michael and James were thrilled at the prospect of seeing their Uncle Ronnie, Grace immediately picked up on the tension from Aggie.

Aggie on edge 

Aggie admitted that she didn't like Ronnie hanging around Ed because he had a habit of leading him astray.

But is that really all there is to it?

Aggie and Ronnie Bailey Coronation Street

Aggie was clearly uncomfortable around Ronnie last night, but why? (Picture: ITV)

Coronation Street fans are convinced there is more to the story, and that Aggie could be hiding a huge secret.

Viewers took to social media in their droves predicting that Aggie and Ronnie could have history, with many guessing he might even be Michael's dad...

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Hiding a sinister secret?

Aggie's prediction that Ronnie would lead her husband astray were spot on, because just moments after he pulled up to the house in a fancy sports car, he'd dragged his brother off to the pub.

It wasn't long before the whole family were joining them for a drink.

But while everyone else relaxed and welcomed Ronnie to their neighbourhood, it was clear Aggie was on edge.

Coronation Street spoilers: Aggie Bailey launches a tirade at Grace

Is Aggie hiding a huge secret from her family? (Picture: ITV)

She grilled Ronnie about what had brought him to Weatherfield, and he was very evasive with his answer.

Could fans be right and there is a lot more to their past than we know?

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