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Sinead and Daniel name their baby boy after this legendary Coronation Street character

Classic Coronation Street Jack Howarth (as Albert Tatlock) and Betty Driver (as Betty Turpin)
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The boy is named Bertie in a reference to Ken's Uncle Albert, seen here with Betty in Corrie back in 1978

Sinead and Daniel welcome a baby boy into the world next week on Coronation Street and name him Bertie – a nod to Ken’s Uncle Albert.

In heart breaking scenes in Coronation Street, Sinead is told by the oncologist that her tumour has grown and that they need to deliver the baby early so she can start radiotherapy.

“Daniel thinks it’s far too soon,” says Corrie star Rob Mallard, who plays the new dad. “So much has just been revealed – like the fact that Sinead was swerving chemo – and this is too much to take in. He’s afraid that the baby may be too small to survive.”

Daniel Osbourne lies to Sinead about their new son’s bowel condition.

Daniel Osbourne lies to Sinead about their new son’s bowel condition.

After the baby is delivered by C-section, Sinead dramatically falls unconscious. Rob explains that the prospect of having to cope with a baby by himself is “absolutely terrifying” for Daniel.

And then Daniel gets more bad news when he learns that his little son has a bowel condition.

“It confirms Daniel’s fears that Bertie might not be developed enough to survive,” says Daniel.

Is Daniel about to loose his baby boy? In typical Daniel style, when Sinead comes around he tries to pretend everything is ok.

Ken with his Uncle Albert and Alf in Coronation Street in 1963

The baby is named Bertie, in a nod Ken’s Uncle Albert, who’s seen here back in 1963 with Ken in the background and foreground Alf Roberts (played by Bryan Mosley)

As for the origin of Bertie’s name, well Ken’s Uncle Albert Tatlock featured in Coronation Street for over 20 years.

He also has the notable accolade of appearing in the first ever episode of Corrie in 1960, which featured a scene where Ken dropped in on Albert.

Jack Howarth, who played Albert, was in the soap until he died aged 88 in 1984.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

Corrie archive pics: ITV/REX/Shutterstock