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Coronation Street star Dolly-Rose Campbell on Gemma Winter’s DESPAIR

Coronation Street - Gemma Winter played by Dolly-Rose
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

'Gemma has no idea that the feelings she is experiencing may be a medical problem'

Coronation Street star Dolly-Rose Campbell has spoken about new mum Gemma Winter’s plunge into despair.

Last October Gemma went into labour in a cable car and gave birth to quads – two boys and two girls.

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Gemma Winter gave birth in a cable car. It was a funny plot twist, but things are now turning dark

But ever since becoming a mum, Gemma has been plagued by self doubt about whether she’s up to being a parent. Chesney (Sam Aston) has done everything he can to try and reassure Gemma that she’s a good mum to their children.

However, next week Gemma will be seen feeling ashamed when she falls asleep during storytime at Speed Daal with the quads. Not surprisingly given the circumstances, Gemma is feeling exhausted, but she can’t believe she’s dropped off with the other mums around.

Coronation Street spoilers: Gemma Winter is caught sleeping on the job

Exhausted Gemma falls sleep infront of the other mums and feels ashamed when she wakes up

Her own mum Bernie will start to realise that something isn't right with her daughter.

Dolly tells us that Gemma doesn’t realise that she might have a medical problem. She reveals: “Gemma has no idea that the feelings she is experiencing may be a medical problem.

Coronation Street Gemma Winter mum Bernie

Bernie realises that Gemma needs help and persuades her to see a doctor (Image credit: ITV)

“Bernie knows her better than anyone, and it is going to take someone close to her to recognise what she is going through and to realise she needs real help to get through it.”

We know that Gemma will eventually go to the doctors. But will she tell her GP the truth about her feelings? Or will she try to pretend that everything is OK? She also only agrees to go if Bernie doesn’t tell Chesney. When will she open up to Chesney about what she’s going through?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.