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Shock in Coronation Street tonight as this character gets KIDNAPPED?

There's drama in Coronation Street tonight as Gemma Winter goes to great lengths to stop Jenny Connor going to jail...

Tonight's Coronation Street sees the day of Jenny Connor's court case arrive... but will she be going to prison for running over Liz McDonald? Not if Gemma Winter can help it!

As the morning of her day in court arrives, Jenny is struggling to hold it together.

But while the Rovers landlady is panicking about spending time behind bars for her Christmas hit and run, Liz can't help but worry that this could be the day that pushes unhinged Jenny over the edge.

Johnny returns from his trip to Brighton to see granddaughter Susie, only to find Jenny in bits. Little does he know that while he was away seeing Eva and her baby, Jenny was at home hitting the bottle to drown her sorrows.

Jenny and Liz Coronation Street

Jenny's been hitting the bottle more than ever recently

And when Gemma sees how her boss is coping with the day ahead, she starts to worry and decides to intervene.

Asking Imran if there is anything they can do to help Jenny, he points out to Gemma that the only way that she will be getting off the hook is if Liz fails to show up at court.

With Imran's words ringing in her ears, Gemma is given food for thought and comes up with a plan. Does this mean she is going to kidnap Liz?

Jenny and Liz Coronation Street

Will Jenny go to prison for running over Liz at Christmas?

Desperate to help Jenny, Gemma goes to see Liz and blags her way into her flat. But what is she up to? Surely Liz isn't in danger?

By tonight's second Coronation Street instalment, it seems something strange has happened to Liz when the police turn up at the Rovers looking for her.

The police reveal that Liz hasn't turned up at court as planned and Steve panics that something sinister has happened to his mum.

Has Gemma kidnapped Liz? And will her meddling help or hinder Jenny?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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