Below Deck Down Under's Culver hot-tubs with the charter's stripper guests — will he be fired?

Culver Bradbury, Culver, Below Deck Down Under
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Culver, Below Deck Down Under deckhand, broke one of the cardinal rules of the show on the March 24 episode: whatever you do, don't get in the hot tub with the guests!

Plenty of Below Deck alums across the franchises have gotten in trouble for fraternizing with charter guests, from Hannah Ferrier of Below Deck Mediterranean to Parker McCown of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Some, like Danny Zureikat from season one of Below Deck Med, even ended up being fired for getting too chummy with a client. 

Will Culver Bradbury from Below Deck Down Under season 1 be the next to get the chop for his jacuzzi dip in this week's episode? 

Let's rewind: this episode's charter guests were Australian rock guitarist Randall Waller, his wife Suzie and their motley crew of friends that included Australia's Male and Female Stripper of the Year. Suffice it to say, it was no shock that some amount of stripping would be happening onboard. 

And while the clients offered up their fair share of skimpiness, the stripping routine was actually courtesy of Culver, who had been asked by chief stew Aesha Scott to do topless waitering for the guests' pirate-themed party. The Maryland-born deckie quickly agreed, telling her: "I was the entertainment officer on my old boat!" It's a made-up position, of course, one that enables Culver to "throw on a mullet or a crazy outfit or become a character" for the enjoyment of the guests.

And throw on a mullet he did, tying up the guests with rope and performing a shirtless pirate striptease for them much to everyone's delight, even Captain Jason Chambers, who looked on laughing. While this kind of supervised fraternization was seemingly okay with the crew, what Culver did next is seriously frowned upon.

When the party migrated to the hot tub after midnight, Culver got talked into joining two of the female guests in the jacuzzi. "What if I just get in for like 10, 15 minutes?" he reasoned before stripping down to his skivvies and taking a dip. He even took photos with the ladies. 

Second stew Tumi Mhlongo, who was working night service, caught the whirlpool action, reacting in a confessional: "What the f*ck are you doing?!"

"On my last boat, I can assure you that you would get fired. I mean, come on," she added. "I wanna say something and on the other hand, I'm like, 'Ugh, he was just being an idiot and didn't know better and should know better.' And I don't really want to get him in trouble." 

However, she did spill the beans in the morning to her roommate, deckhand Brittini Burton. "It's a sticky situation. Tumi is upset because Culver isn't working on late night, but then our guests are rock stars and strippers, so for Culver, this could have been like, 'Well, I am working, I'm entertaining the guests," Brittini said in a talking head. "But at the end of the day, like there's no way I would have been in the hot [tub], like no, it shouldn't have been like that."

Brittini told her and Culver's boss, bosun Jamie Sayed, about the situation but he was surprisingly cavalier about the whole thing, telling her: "If he was in there for like an hour, not cool. But if he was there for like, 'Yeah, everyone's happy, but I've gotta go do some work,' that's sort of okay in my eyes."

"Having a crew member in the hot tub to get photos and stuff, it doesn't surprise me. It happens on every boat," Jamie said in a confessional. "As long as they're doing their job, at the end of the day, we're serving the customer and the customer is the guests, so I'm all for it."

Fans react to Culver, Below Deck Down Under deckie:

It looks like Culver Bradbury is in the clear with his boss, but not with fans, who were flabbergasted at his hot-tub hobnobbing with the charter guests. 

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