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DANGER behind closed doors as THIS EastEnders couple hide a DARK secret

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Things are about to get seriously sinister as Gray Atkins' abuse takes a nasty turn...

EastEnders fans are set to be shocked in the New Year when Gray Atkins' abuse of wife Chantelle Atkins takes a sinister turn, leaving her in serious danger.

To the outside world the couple have got the perfect life. From their seemingly blissful marriage, to their perfect kids and home, their friends and family think the pair have got it all.

But viewers know that behind closed doors of number one Albert Square things are very different.

EastEnders Gray is angry with Chantelle in Eastenders

Gray has been abusing his wife behind closed doors (Picture: BBC)

Gray has been abusing Chantelle for months and while he might look like the doting husband to the rest of Walford, Chantelle knows her other half is harbouring a dangerous side.

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The couple renewed their vows recently, declaring their love in front of their friends and family, but fans were left horrified when after the celebrations Gray led his wife upstairs against her will... proving there really are no limits to his abuse.

Chantelle Atkins is forced into a vow renewal in EastEnders

The couple renewed their vows recently, leaving everyone convinced they're the perfect couple (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

But things are set to get even worse when they return from their honeymoon at the start of next year, with Gray insisting that Chantelle takes a pregnancy test the moment they arrive back in Walford.

Despite the fact she has told him that it is too soon to tell if she is pregnant, Gray is adamant and leads her upstairs yet again to try again for a baby.

But later when she reluctantly takes a pregnancy test at Gray's insistence, she can't help but feel relieved when it comes out negative... something that isn't missed by Gray.

Gray quizzes Chantelle in EastEnders

Gray attacks Chantelle in the New Year, this time causing her serious pain (Picture: BBC) (Image credit: Kieron McCarron)

He is annoyed by her attitude towards the negative test and grabs her wrist, pulling her violently towards him... causing serious injury for Chantelle.

But even leaving his wife in serious pain isn't enough to make Gray see sense and he is later quizzing her about the Panesar brothers, clearly green with jealousy.

Kheerat and Chantelle in EastEnders

Gray is jealous of Jags and his brothers (Picture: BBC)

Realising that Jags and his family are making Gray angry, Chantelle is on edge when they all come and visit her.

But as Chantelle throws everyone out of the house, worried about what Gray would say, will anyone realise why she is acting so oddly?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.