Danny Dyer reveals GROSS moment he had while filming final EastEnders scenes

Mick Carter in EastEnders
Danny Dyer had a gross moment while filming his last EastEnders moments. (Image credit: BBC)

Former EastEnders star Danny Dyer has shared a gross moment that happened while filming his exit scenes.

Danny bid an emotional farewell to EastEnders at Christmas after his character Mick Carter was involved in a tragic drowning accident and is presumed dead.

The devastating incident happened after Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) crashed her car off a cliff with Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) inside.

Mick jumped in to save a pregnant Janine but was unaware that Linda had managed to swim to safety and went back into the sea to rescue the love of his life.

As he searched for her in the water, he disappeared and has been lost at sea.

Talking to What to Watch, Danny revealed that there were tears involved when filming his last scenes and that he had a particularly smelly moment which, bizarrely, involved broccoli juice!

Mick Carter talks to Linda Carter

Mick Carter hasn't been seen since he disappeared at sea. (Image credit: BBC)

Sharing some gross behind-the-scenes details of his exit, he said: "We had a wetsuit on under our clobber and I've got to say the stunt people came in and they were amazing. We had the water tank stuff as well which they filled with broccoli juice. It's like a bath temperature so it's quite nice. My last scene I was all tearful and I was all emotional. I smelt of broccoli, it sort of softened the blow."

He went on to add that he wanted to have a more cinematic take on his final moments and take the soap to another level.

"I think that we tried to attack and do something a little bit more. I wanted it to be a bit more cinematic and just take EastEnders to another level because I don't think we're known for our show being sexy or anything, we tackle really tough subjects," he said. 

"Watching it I do miss it. It's an amazing group of people that work on this show. It's such a tough gig and it's so intense and when we get it right, I don't think there's no show like it on TV."

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