David Jason comedy Still Open All Hours is axed

David Jason in Still Open All Hours
(Image credit: BBC)

Still Open All Hours, starring Sir David Jason, is no longer getting any episodes, the BBC has confirmed.

In a quote cited by the British Comedy Guide, the BBC confirms that the Open All Hours spin-off won't be back, after its sixth series which aired in 2019.

“There are currently no plans for new episodes,” the BBC stated, which suggests that the show was axed recently after a seventh season was commissioned in 2019, and the BBC reiterated 2020 that a seventh series was in fact coming.

The hiatus since Still Open All Hours season 6 is down to Covid-19, with production shutdowns from the pandemic affecting the shooting plans. And now, there will be no more episodes going forward.

Unlike some other Covid-delayed shows, Still Open Hours All Night‘s lack of a seventh season suggests it hadn’t even begun production by the time the lockdowns began.

Still Open All Hours is a sequel to Ronnie Barker-led Open All Hours, which continues the story of corner shop owner Granville (played by David Jason) — in the original series he was the nephew of the shop owner, but in the spin-off it’s his shop now. 

Even without its seventh season, Still Open All Hours actually lasted longer than Open All Hours did, with 41 episodes over six seasons, while the original only hit four series and 26 episodes (though the seasons were spread out further chronologically, hitting nine years between its first and last season).

Talking to TV Times about bringing the show back, Sir David once said: "One felt quite a responsibility to try and ensure that it would be as entertaining as when Ronnie Barker had made it. When we filmed the outside scenes in Doncaster it was a bit like stepping back in time because the shop we use was exactly the same and so was the whole street."

If you’re keen to catch up on the now-cancelled sitcom, each episode of Still Open All Hours is available to watch on iPlayer as well as Sky TV. For the original, though, you’ll have to use Sky TV, as it’s not available to stream for free.

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