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Devastation as THIS Home and Away favourite finds themselves on the brink of death

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There's heartache for Marilyn Chambers and John Palmer when their worst nightmares become a reality...

Home and Away favourites John Palmer and Marilyn Chambers have been desperately waiting for news on their adopted son, Jett, who is undergoing emergency surgery at a military hospital.

But when they get a call from the army doctors, it's not good news...

Fans of Home and Away will have seen Marilyn and John fear the worst when news of an explosion at the army base where their son Jett was stationed reached them last week... and it soon seemed they were right to worry when the army chaplain arrived yesterday.

Home and Away, Jett Palmer, Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn bid a tearful farewell to Jett a few weeks ago as he headed off to war...

After receiving the devastating news that Jett had been critically injured in a blast that had killed a number of his men, the parents are desperate to be by their son's side and yesterday saw Marilyn make the shock announcement that she wanted to head to Germany, where Jett was being treated.

But today's trip to Summer Bay is set to see things get even worse for the couple when they eagerly wait for news of Jett's surgery.

The wait for Marilyn and John is agonising and, as the hours tick by, it is clear something isn't quite right.

Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers, John Palmer, Chaplan Wilson

Marilyn and John received devastating news about Jett yesterday...

Their friends rally around them, making sure they have got everything they need for their trip to Germany, but with the car to the airport that is being sent by the army still hours away, all John and Marilyn can do is sit and wait for the phone to ring.

As Marilyn stresses that Jett's condition will worsen before they can reach his bedside, it turns out she is right to worry when they finally get news that Jett has been put in an induced coma.

The parents are beside themselves with worry as they fly to Germany to see their boy, but what will they find when they get there?

Home and Away, Marilyn Chambers

The wait for news is too much for Marilyn...

With Jett currently on the brink of death, things don't look good. But thankfully for Jett fans spoilers have revealed he is going to pull through from his surgery.

Latest Home and Away gossip has hinted that Jett's recovery won't be an easy one, though, as he is set to return to Summer Bay only to get news from doctor Tori Morgan that his spinal injuries are likely to mean he will never walk again.

How will the Palmers cope with this latest bombshell?

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