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DEVASTATION hits Home and Away as THIS favourite says a final goodbye

Home and Away

The day of Ryan 'Robbo' Shaw's funeral has arrived...

It's a sad day in Summer Bay today when beloved resident Robbo bids a final farewell to his friends and family in Home and Away after being killed in a car crash.

Robbo died last week after the gang who have been making his life a misery for the last year finally caught up with him, but his wife Jasmine still thinks that he was killed in an innocent car crash with his friend Scott.

Home and Away, Robbo

Robbo was killed in a massive car crash (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

After struggling to get her head around the fact her husband has gone for good, Jasmine faces everyone's worst nightmare when she is forced to say her final goodbyes to Robbo at his funeral.

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The nurse has her friends and family by her side, but as Robbo's coffin is brought into the church, she struggles to comprehend what is happening.

Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney

It's the day of Robbo's funeral and Jasmine is struggling (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

As the service goes on around her, Jasmine is in her own world of pain, and while Robbo's friends and family pay their respects and make heart-felt speeches about the man they have lost, Jasmine fights to keep her emotions in check.

But eventually it all gets too much for her and she breaks down in front of Robbo's coffin, leaving everyone at the service distraught at her grief.

But later when everyone gathers at Salt for a farewell drink for Robbo, Jasmine finally finds the courage to join her friends.

Home and Away, Jasmine Delaney, Colby Thorne

Jasmine breaks down during the service (Picture: Channel 5)

However, as people talk about Robbo, there is something niggling at Jasmine, and she confronts Colby, telling him that he doesn't think he's being entirely honest about the day Robbo died.

Colby knows that Robbo's death was no accident, but he made a promise to Robbo on his deathbed that he would keep the truth from Jasmine to protect her.


Jasmine confronts Colby about his secrets today (Picture: Channel 5)

Is Jasmine's digging about to land Colby in a while world of trouble?

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