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DISGUST in Emmerdale as THIS forbidden affair is exposed

(Image credit: ITV)

Belle and Jamie are busted by Andrea... and it's not going to end well!

There is heartbreak heading for Emmerdale next week when Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle's forbidden love is revealed - with devastating consequences...

Jamie and Belle's forbidden romance is finally about to be uncovered by Andrea after months of the pair sneaking around behind everyone's backs.

Emmerdale, Jamie Tate, Belle Dingle

Jamie and Belle have been sneaking around behind Andrea's back for months (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

The news that Belle and Jamie were having a fling was revealed to Nate Robinson recently, and when Andrea saw Nate threatening Jamie at the vets, it soon become apparent that her husband was caught up in trouble.

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Despite the fact he and Andrea are supposed to be patching up their marriage for the sake of their daughter, Millie, Jamie has been secretly seeing his colleague Belle, and Andrea's now onto the pair as her suspicions grow.

Jamie and Belle declare their love for each other in Emmerdale

The forbidden pair sneak to the woods to talk (Picture: ITV)

Next week's Emmerdale sees Jamie and Belle plan a secret rendezvous, only for Andrea to throw a spanner in the works by asking Belle to babysit Millie for her.

When Belle spends time with the schoolgirl, she realises the devastating impact her affair with Jamie will have on his family, and she makes the decision to end things with Jamie.

Not wanting to be the reason Millie's childhood is ruined, Belle tells Jamie that he should forget their romance and focus on his family, but he's adamant that's not going to happen.

Andrea spies on Jamie and Belle in Emmerdale

Jamie and Belle declare their love for one another... (Picture: ITV)

Later the pair meet in secret at the woods and are soon declaring their love for one another... but little do they know, Andrea is hiding behind a tree and has heard everything.

Devastated to find out her husband is in love with someone else, Andrea struggles to keep her cool the next day, but is determined to hide the fact she knows everything from Jamie.

Andrea spies on Jamie and Belle

... But little do they know Andrea has seen and heard everything (Picture: ITV)

But once she gets to work, Andrea can't hold her emotions in any longer, and she starts to cry inconsolably in front of Leyla.

As Andrea confesses everything about Jamie's cheating ways, Leyla makes her realise that she has got to decide whether she wants to fight for her marriage or not.

Andrea tells Leyla about Jamie's affair in Emmerdale

Andrea tells Leyla what is happening... but will she fight for her man? (Picture: ITV)

Will Andrea take on Belle in the fight for Jamie? Or will she realise that she is better off without him?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.