Doctor Who guest star Charlotte Ritchie teases her role in the New Year's Day special

Doctor Who guest star Charlotte Richie as Lin in the New Year's Day episode
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Charlotte Ritchie joins the gang as they battle to save the world in this seasonal special…

Having been a Call the Midwife favourite for a number of series, Charlotte Ritchie is no stranger to a Christmas special, yet viewers will have to wait a little longer than usual to get a glimpse of her this festive season in Doctor Who.

The hit show has time-travelled from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day, but with the actress who captured our hearts as Nurse Barbara Gilbert guest starring, it’s sure to be worth the wait.

Doctor Who New Year's Day

Here's a first look at the Doctor Who New Year's Day special

The action begins with the Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yaz arriving home at the dawn of a new year, to find a terrifying evil is stirring from down the centuries of Earth’s history. Will the gang be able to save the planet?

With Nikesh Patel (Indian Summers) and Daniel Adegboyega (Save Me) also joining the cast for this special episode, Charlotte tells us what swapping Poplar for Doctor Who was like…

WOTV: What was it like to being a Doctor Who Special?

Charlotte Ritchie: "It was brilliant and so exciting, but also a bit terrifying. I’ve heard the show has quite a big fan base, so the pressure is high to do a good job! It was a big departure for me and I felt lucky to be doing something so different that put me out of my comfort zone."

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WOTV: Did you enjoy working with Jodie and the rest of the cast?

CR: "They were all amazing and so welcoming. We filmed this before the series began on TV, but after working with Jodie I knew she would be brilliant. Jodie has such charisma and a great sense of humour, which is why she’s perfect as the Doctor!"

WOTV: What can you tell us about this special episode?

CR: "It’s a massive test for the Doctor, but she knows she has the best people by her side to face this challenge. It’s all about bravery and teamwork and people from different background coming together to fight something that’s threatening their lives. I think it feels quite monumental way to end the series, for various reasons, which I think will be quite obvious when people see it!"

WOTV: Can you tell us anything about your character?

CR: "Not without ruining everything! All I can say is that she’s resilient, brave and she has a love interest, who’s played by Nikesh Patel."

WOTV: There are rumours that the Daleks might be returning?

CR: "You’ll just have to wait and see I’m afraid. I promised Chris Chibnall (Doctor Who showrunner) I wouldn’t say anything about what the gang are up against!"

WOTV: Are you looking forward to this year’s Call the Midwife Christmas Special?

CR: "Yes I can’t wait! It’s going to be lovely to sit down and enjoy it properly. I could probably find out from my friends on the show what’s going to happen, but I wouldn’t dream of it. It’s still my favourite show so I’m looking forward to being a fan again!"

Barbara in Call the Midwife

Charlotte Ritchie as poor Barbara in Call the Midwife

WOTV: But we all loved Barbara!

CR: "It turns out you need to die to find out how popular you are. It’s quite a common theme in life. It’s a shame people can’t go to their own funerals because that’s when people say nice things about you. I got the chance to do it when I was still alive in a way, which was quite funny."

WOTV: Where will you watch Doctor Who on New Year’s Day?

CR: "It’s my best friend’s birthday on New Year’s Eve, so we usually go out to celebrate and as such we always feel pretty terrible on New Year’s Day. Maybe we’ll go for a nice stroll and then back in time for Doctor Who – if I can bear to watch!"

Charlotte Ritchie appears in Doctor Who on New Year's Day on BBC1

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