Does the Fire TV Cube work with DirecTV Now?

Best answer: Yes! DirecTV Now is available on all Fire TV models. However, Alexa capabilities with the app are currently limited.

What is DirecTV Now?

DirecTV Now is a TV streaming service that aims to replace your cable subscription. Available packages cost between $40 and $75 , and a one-week free trial is available if you're on the fence. You also get access to all the local channels in your market, and 20 hours worth of Cloud DVR recordings — though you can only keep these for a month before they expire.

DirecTV Now is available for smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop web browsers, and plenty of streaming devices.

Does DirecTV Now work on the Fire TV Cube?

Yes! DirecTV Now is available for any of the Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Cube.

Can you use Alexa with DirecTV Now?

The main selling point of the Fire TV Cube is it has its own far-field microphones, so you can talk to Alexa to control your home, and control some of the content that's on your screen. You can use Alexa to launch the DirecTV Now app, but that's it for now. You can't use your voice to switch between channels or start recording something to your Cloud DVR. So, you're going to have to keep the standard Fire TV remote nearby.