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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans STUNNED by THIS glaring mistake in last night's episode


Emmerdale fans were shocked at the lack of online banking security in last night's episode...

Last night's Emmerdale saw Graham Foster getting his revenge on Kim Tate by helping himself to her fortune so that he can start a new life with girlfriend Rhona Goskirk and her son, Leo, in France.

However, it wasn't just the fact that Kim has nothing short of a fortune tucked away in her bank account that got fans talking, it was also the fact that she possibly has the worst online banking security in the country.

Graham Foster Emmerdale ITV

It didn't take Graham long to work out what Kim's online banking password was last night (Picture: ITV)

Most people with even a tiny fraction of the cash Kim has got hiding in her bank account have got a better online security system than just a password, but fans noticed in last night's Emmerdale that Graham needed just one simple word to hack into Kim's account and transfer money to himself.

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The drama came after Graham got his feet back under the table at Hotten Outdoor Pursuits, claiming that he was entitled to his job back and wanted a new role.

Graham Foster Emmerdale ITV

Fans were shocked at how easy it was for Graham to get his hands on Kim's fortune (Picture: ITV)

But while Kim was a little baffled by his want to work with her again, little did she know he was using his return to the business as a way to get his hands on her money.

After overhearing Ryan and Priya talking about Kim's password for her online banking being the name of her pet fish that she had as a child, it didn't take Graham long to strike up conversation with Ryan about pets they had when they were younger.

Graham Foster Emmerdale ITV

Graham stole the money from Kim for his new life in France with Rhona (Picture: ITV)

Less than 30 seconds later, Ryan has revealed that Kim's fish was called Beelzebub and hey presto - Graham was in!

But fans were quick to point out that it would usually take more than a password to get into anyone's account, let alone the queen of Home Farm's...

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With Graham's demise now imminent, he is quickly making himself new enemies in the village.

By the end of the episode last night Ryan was already suspicious that Graham could be behind the missing money after discovering the cash was gone, and Kim isn't going to be happy when she finds out she has been fleeced.

Graham Foster Emmerdale

Graham is set to be murdered in a grisly whodunnit... but will his theft from Kim give someone a motive? (Picture: ITV)

But who will be the one left with blood on their hands by the end of the month?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.