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EastEnders confirms tragic death of LEGENDARY character will be aired next week

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There's heartache heading for EastEnders next week when a long-term Walford legend Doctor Legg sadly passes away...

Next week sees the sad departure of an EastEnders legend as Doctor Harold Legg dies after a long battle with cancer.

The week gets off to an upsetting start for Doctor Legg's friend Dot Cotton when she discovers her friend is refusing to come home to see out his final days, preferring to stay at the hospital.

EastEnders fans will remember that Doctor Legg has been in hospital since he fell ill while in Stuart Highway's care, shortly after discovering some racist graffiti on Dot's front door.

But instead of seeing out the rest of his time in the comfort of Dot's home, the doctor has now decided he wants to stay put in hospital.

Dot and Doctor Legg have been friends for decades

Dot and Doctor Legg have been friends for decades

Dot is determined to have her friend at home where he belongs and so set about getting Stuart to make amends with Doctor Legg.

Whatever plan Stuart comes up with seems to do the trick and Doctor Legg changes his mind, much to Dot's delight.

As Sonia goes to collect Doctor Legg to bring him back to Albert Square, she is touched when he shows her a treasured possession - a medallion that his father gave him and his wife Judith.

Back on the Square Dot is getting ready for Harold's return, but when he finally gets home, everyone is shocked to see just how frail he really is.

EastEnders Dot Branning and Dr Legg

Dot tries to persuade Dr Legg to come home to Albert Square

Bex is shaken and confides in mum Sonia that she is scared that Doctor Legg could die at any moment... and sadly it seems she is right.

Later that day, after some touching moments with Dot where the friends exchange gifts, Doctor Legg peacefully passes away.

But how will Dot cope with losing yet another of her dearest friends?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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